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FMS and anemia
5 Replies
Tina - April 1

I have had this condition for the past 6 years,with all the classic symptoms,neck and shoulder pain and sometimes the muscles in my neck and shoulders burn like when you are lifting weights and you feel the burn but without doing anything but sitting there,headaches,jaw pain,chest pain,heart palpitaions,anxiety and panic attacks,muscle twitching,pain in my arms,dizziness,light headedness the whole gamet.As I have been reading this forum I am seeing alot of similarities.I have had alot of blood work done and every time it comes out that I am anemic,I have read alot of posts on here of others with the same outcome of thier bloodwork.Just wondering how many others out there with FMS have had the same thing show on thier blood work?


Suffering - March 23

While my blood tests did come back slightly anemic, my doctor did 3 more sub blood tests. He told me nothing showed up unusual and for a woman my age being slightly anemic is not unusual because of periods.
Guess it depends on how anemic you are.


JJ - March 24

Do you have high gastric ph (heartburn) or IBS. I have found that my heartburn has probably contributed to my anemia. It makes it so I can absorb iron from foods or medications. It was severe enough this year that I had an IV injection of iron. The hemoglobin test, used as an indicator of anemia in blood tests is normally between 12 and 16 for adult women. I found out that mine had slowly dropped to 9.5 without my rheumatologist letting me know until my next appt (6 mos. later). By the time I saw the hematolobist for the anemia, I had no detectable iron in my blood! I was given an IV iron injection (took 4 hours) and it was like a miracle injection. My fatigue, inability to concentrate, and other symptoms that I attributed to FMS were being greatly exacerbated by the anemia. I still don't feel "normal" but I feel so much better than I did before this injection. Please don't ignore blood tests results and see a hematologist if you can. My rheumatologist was also blaming my lower than normal results on heavy periods and that is why it was ignored.


JJ - March 24

Here is some good stuff on iron deficiency:



JJ - March 24

2 posts up. Should read that I "can't" not "can" abosrb iron from food and vitamins. Dang this FMS.


Jean - April 1

Some of us do come out with a little anemia but Fibro is not the cause but you still need to check it all out through your doctors.



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