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FMS after childbirth - anyone?
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9na - August 11

My problems started some months after the birth of my second child, and have just escalated since that. Started with my chest (pain/pressure), now I have looots of symptoms going on.
Ups and downs, sometimes one thing is the most bothersome, sometimes a whole different thing - and then there are some that are always there...

Is this how the whole thing started for anyone else?


lucky13 - August 15

I can't remember how mine started, it was just like one day I had, had enough of the pain and couldn't take it anymore and that's when I starting talking to my Drs. My DD was 2 when I was diagnosised and I went on to have 2 more children after my diagnosis.
I have good days and bad, and somedays the pain in my hands is what's bothering me the most, others it my back and somedays my whole body just aches.
One therory of Fibromyalgia is it happens after a bad injury, surgery or great stress in your life, and carrying and deliverying a child can take a lot out of one's body.
I would suggest talking to your Drs. about all the symptoms and problems you are having. Depending on what issues you are having, it could be pregnancy/delivery related or something else all together.

I would suggest keeping a journal of your symptoms, that way when you see your dr you have all the important info with you, like what your symptoms are, how often they happen and how intense they are.
Knowing when, or how often something happens can help your Drs decide what test to do and give them an idea of what your issues may be.

Be paitent and don't give up, getting a diagnosis of anything that doesn't show up in blood work can seem like a long process, just stick with Drs who are knowledgable and will listen to you.
Also be your own advocate, do your own research and don't be affraid to ask questions or seek 2nd opinons.

Good luck



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