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FMS a result of another injury??
5 Replies
jadiegirlcat - January 5

I met my newest rheumatologist last spring and am so thankful I was referred to him. (My GP referred and I thank him everytime I see him). Anyway, when I met this new doc he said there's a theory that FMS is a result of the nerves becoming hyper-sensitive to pain because of another issue. An issue with spinal stenosis of the neck area was discovered by an MRI. I wondered if anyone else had heard this theory? I know there has been discussion on the site about Epstein-barr and fibro and I had a nasty bout with that too. Just curious.


kiwigal - January 6

Yes I have heard of this - it is known as the chiari malformation and refers to there not being enough room for the brain and spinal cord due to compression from skull tissue and subsequent scar tissue being laid down. I just read a book though that said incidences of this in people with fibromyalgia are as rare as in members of the healthy population - ie it is generally very rare.
Fibromyalgia from my reading is not a diagnosis - it is a description of the symptoms we experience ie muscle pain etc. There are many theories about what the causes are - thyroid dysfunction, infection with mycoplasma, candida and parasite infection, post injury and post illness development etc. We have to be careful to get tested inside and out and not to jump at potential 'snake oil' cures. That said I am trying a treatment that is laughed at by some doc - guaifenesin. I am taking it as in centuries gone by it was used as a muscle relaxant - so I don't really hold that it will cure me but am hoping it will give some relief while I find the source of the problem which I believe is some kind of imbalance in bodily systems.
If you think this may be the cause of your problems then by all means have the tests done to at least rule it out as a contributing factor. My empathy is with you - we are battling a very confusing and perplexing condition and there is not a lot of support in the general medical community and more than that not a lot of knowledge - you have to become your own best advocate - not fair when you feel like crap and are battling chronic pain!! Let us know how you get on :)


Fantod - January 6

Yes, this is commmonly understood theory about fibromyalgia (FMS). In my own instance, I was the perfect storm scenario. I have had TMJ for years, and advanced osteoarthitis in both knees and one hip. That was followed by a spinal disc failure two years ago. The disc failing was the last straw and 6 months later I was diagnosed with FMS. If you reads through the information listed on the lefthand side of this page you will find some good information about this syndrome. Take care.


jadiegirlcat - January 6

Kiwigal, I looked up the guaifensin drug. So are you taking mucinex or something like it? I was dianosed with FMS about 8 years ago in Indiana and told to keep active and deal with it.Now I'm live in Wisconsin and rhuemy is very sympathetic and also stated that there are lots of people with this condition in this state. The cold really aggrevates it. Anyway, long story short, I'm 39 now but have had problems with my joints since about the age of 15. I've been tested so many times for lupus and RA and other autoimmune illnesses. At 17 I had what was called chronic mono and tested postivie mono for nearly a year along with Epstein Barr. To put it mildly - FMS is a pain in the rear! But, I speak up to my docand he's great. Good luck with guaifensin and let me know how it's working for you.

Thanks everyone for your comments.


Anne Hillebrand - January 6

The Viral Route is very common. Often is bad flu, then later Mono, Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue. When glands no longer swell, Fibromyalgia.

Spinal Stenosis and Carpal Tunnel are common in FMS.

Very useful to know if your Saliva pH is normal 7.4 Lower numbers mean that the clear fluid throughout the body is too acid.


kiwigal - January 6

Hi Fantod and Jadie
I am not taking Mucinex - in my country the drug is prescription only and it is illegal to import it so I buy one compounded locally and have a script from my doc for it - it is hugely expensive here. Early days yet - I have been taking it for a month and have noticed pain flare up (which apparently is a good sign!) If you google the Fibromyalgia Treatment Centre you should be able to find some further information about this protocol and advice as to which brand is the best for this treatment. I also notice the cold and rain make it worse - I am much better in summer and am dreading winter as a result!
Both of your posts made me think of an article I read a while ago about how stress changes the nervous system and can cause pain - the article was about the process of 'kindling' in the development of post traumatic pain disorder and I think the title was "one Two Three strikes and you're out!' and stated that the brain could only cope with so many injuries, upsets and traumas and then would short circuit - the author also wrote an article about stress and the development of fibromyalgia. I absolutely know stress was a factor in the development of my fms - perhaps not the only one, but definitely a major contributor. I still want to know the cause though and am going to go back to my doc (yet again!) and ask for a battery of tests to find what is causing this imbalance. I may not find the answer but at least will be able to rule out a few possibilities! I also had mono at 17 then at age 29 got chickenpox and then chickenpox pneumonia as well as glandular fever again (I thought you could only get it once but apparently there are two types). I am wondering if there is a link here and what could be done if it is a viral problem - then again I have injury as well as stress and upset and family history - it's like a puzzle to be solved blindfolded!!
I wish you ladies both a good day free from pain and torment - this is truly a horrible condition and it is difficult to see meaning in it - we must just battle on and find our own answers



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