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FMS & travel
5 Replies
CO mother of 2 - September 21

I've been suffering with fibromyalgia for at least 6 years and was just finally diagnosed 2 months ago so I'm still trying to figure this all out. I notice whenever I travel to Arizona (from Colorado) I have a really hard time with pain and particularly with the fatigue. It doesn't seem to matter what I do and I can't "catch up" and get back to baseline (which albeit my baseline isn't good either) until I get home, even if I'm there for an extended time. Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn't seem to be as bad when I travel to other areas so I'm wondering if it could have to do with the altitude or weather or something. My pain does seem to act up when the weather changes. Maybe it's just from the travel but I wonder if something else could be playing a role since, like I said, it doesn't matter how long I'm there and other places don't seem to be as bad. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? We're making another trip there soon. Thanks!


Lynne - September 21

I came across this site a while back just click the link to which ever way you are planing to travel they have some wonderful tips.........


JJ1 - September 23

I tend to get worse with travel but it doesn't seem to matter where I go. Since my symptoms get worse with stress, I have just assumed it was due to the stress of travel -- even though I don't necessarily feel stressed out, it usually does disrupt your normal routines. When traveling by car, I try to make frequent stops to get out and stretch and walk a little -- this helps. On long plane flights, I try to get up and walk around a little to keep the blood circulating. If I can't leave my seat, I do little flexing and stretching excercises with my feet and ankles.


JJ1 - September 23

Another thought -- since this only happens when you travel to AZ, maybe whatever you are doing or whoever you are visiting is somehow stressful to you or particularly disruptive of your routine.


BrandyO - September 23

I am not a good traveler. Sitting for any length of time kills me. I stiffen up so bad and my pain is so much worse. When traveling by car we stop often but the problem is that I can take a five minute ride to the grocery store and stiffen up. I am 52 but walk like I'm 92 until I walk the stiffness off. The stiffness lets up after moving about but the pain stays. I take muscle relaxers at bedtime. I am supposed to take them during the day too but if I do I get sleepy and can't function at all. So most days I go without that muscle relaxers so I can try and get things done during the day. I have lived with this all my life but it is much worse now than ever. We had planned to go to Florida during the holidays to visit my family but I backed out. It really is a bummer when you can't do the things you would like to do.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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