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FMLA for Fibro
4 Replies
TLB - June 21

I am 39 years old and have had FMS 6 years. I believe it began when I had an epidural for the birth of my baby. I came home from the hospital with a headache and continue to suffer from everyday headaches midback pain, neck pain, hip pain, and leg and knee pain. Although both sides of my body feels pain, pain on the left side is most times unbearable. I have been two doctors for 6 years with no relief. I have gone to Neurologist, GP, Chiropractors (4), Orthopedic drs, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and also had accupuncture. I just changed GP and she has referred me to a Rhuematoid dr. I was wondering if anyone knows whether that FMS could have come from the epidural? My first child was delivered without medication and I felt wonderful until I delivered my second child 7 years later. I also wonder if any of you are working full time jobs. Some days it takes all I have to get out of bed let along go to work. I continuously use my vacation time for sick time off. I currently submitted a request for FMLA for leave from my job instead of using my vacation. Has anyone had FMLA approved for leave from work?
I found this site yesterday and I felt so much relief to find out that other women/men also feel like me. Not that that's a good thing, but I have felt so alone for years with drs making me feel that the illness is all in my head. I look so forward to talking with others that can understand what I am going thru. I wish you all well.


Renee' - June 14

Yes. I have and the things is that I am already running out iof it and it is in the beginnong of the year. It works b/c it provides the one thing that I do not have since I have been diagnosed with FMS job stability.


donna - June 14

What is FMLA? I can't take sick time off work due to very strict policy here, & vacation must be planned & approved in advance. Many days I come to work but can' t function properly. People at work don't know about my FMS, but it's getting harder to keep this up.


TLB/Terri - June 15


FMLA stands for Family and Medical Leave Act. Under FLMA employees that receive approval are eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave of absence due to a birth, adoption, the care of a seriously ill family member or for the employee's own serious health condition. Your HR department will have forms that you send to your doctor and then your HR department will decide whether to approve or deny your request. I also come to work on days where I can barely function from pain and headaches so my manager suggested I apply for FMLA since I was using all my vacation as sick time. I haven't received my FLMA request back from the Dr. yet, but I will let you know if it's approved. Check with your HR department. The forms are also on the internet.


Anne R. - June 21

Luckily I have a very understanding boss, and I am thankful for that! In the beginning it was really hit or miss as to whether or not I'd actually get any work done. Lack of focus and extreme exhaustion at work. Now that I am medicated to help me sleep, I can deal most of the time. Luckily it's an office job and I don't have to put much stress on my body.



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