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vavaughn - March 31

I am really on the fence about taking some time off of work. Right now my flares have been worse than historically, my mind is jumbled and my fatigue is off the charts. I have a good job which at the moment I am not doing very well. I can't seem to decide if taking a few weeks off would help me or make no difference at all. Has anyone made the decision to take a couple of weeks off of work? Did it help?


kvc33 - March 31

I think generally speaking an over-all lifestyle change is what is appropriate, I don't think that taking a couple of weeks off will make any difference in the long run. If you are a type A personality who likes to be busy, you will just find other things to do while you are off work. Remember that this is a chronic illness, you will likely still have it this time next year.


mdak - March 31

vavaughn- I think you would be better having that filled out and if you need a day or two off because you can't get out of bed, then use it. This way by having this filled out they can't consider it a call in sick and fire you. I have tried taken off for short time illness and Kvc33 is right the illness is chronic. It really was no time when I started back that I was at square one.I finally change jobs thinking that would make a difference, but no luck. I finally had to take disability. It has been the best thing I did for my fatigue and pain. Everybody FM is so different and I hope you can work until you want to quit. I guess the down side being off, that I miss my co-workers.


axxie - April 1

I tried taking a few weeks off, first off sure helped my mind. Second it gave me time to find some answer and seek a solution to some of the pain I had. So yes it may work for you.

Going back to work, your employer will most likely like for you to perform very well. If you do take a couple of weeks off, may I suggest you take them as holidays.... that way they won't know why you are talking time off.

If you happen to mention to them that you are ill and you take time off, they may not like it much and may denie you, on cause of operation needs and you can be fired for it.


axxie - April 1

Look, I was lucky I took a leave of absence working int he government really helps especially when you have the union to help you out.

Try taking a few weeks off as holiday time, this might help, if not if you have sick leave then you can get doctor's letter to justify your sick leave that you need to take.

I have been sick, I have taken time off as in long periods of time, and guess what I have returned to work full time and I'm begining to think that filling for disability is probably the best option for your health.

Don't forget if down a few years from now, you feel great and think you can go back to work, you call up disability and say you want to try working again what are my steps.... there is a program to help people on disability to return to work if it doesn't work, no worry you will just return to disability with no penalty.

I have no sick leave left, I have poor attendance because I push myself too much and find working five days a week, is way too much for me. I might have to return to see the doctor so that they can put me on 4 days a week, as I am still in pain, despite that I am on hormone treatment to help me, and taking opiods for pain.

Fibro is very difficult to comprehend and treat.
I wish you good luck


lucky13 - April 4

Make sure are entitled to FMLA, the company you work for as to be a certin size or larger, and you have to work a minium amount of hours a year..
If you are entitled to it, you have a total of 12 wks that can be used in a 12 month period, but try not to use them all too soon incase an emergency comes up.
You can take the FMLA by the hour or by the day (some buisness will require written statements from your Dr saying when your taking FMLA.
Have you talked to your DR about you sudden horrible flares and fog? Maybe you need to find different treatment.
Hang in there. Sometimes we just have to find what works for us. For me I go through a lot of post it notes at work, if it's not written down, it doesn't get done.
Make yourself a list of things you need to do, and just work your way down that list the best you can. Sometimes having a constant reminder like a list can help cut through the fog.

Good luck.


vavaughn - April 4

axxie -- What hormone therapy are you on?



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