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pziemann - December 24

Hi! I am a 53 year young woman with so many of the symptoms of FM. I just started up with a new doctor since I recently moved to AZ. I have had aches and pains for years but it has gotten to the point now that I have total morning stiffness, sitting for lengths at a time, I get up not being able to straighten immediately. I have suffered from depressions for as long as I can remember and take meds for it. Unfortunately, I am concerned that when I go back to the doctor with my concerns on if I have FM, his main "obsession" will be that because I have diagnosed depression and take medication for it, that it is "all in my head". This has happened so many times that I want to scream! I have always been an active person but now I don't have the energy or strength to do what I need to do. I see you reccommend a Rhem to most people. Since I am "new" here I am afraid that it will take plenty of time before I can referred to one. Any suggestions?
Thank you


tnichel - December 24

Write down all your symptoms through the years. That's what got my rheumy to take me seriously. Take the list to your doctor. Some docs respond better to hard copy rather than you rattling off all your symptoms. Also, keeps a journal of each day with how you feel, what you ate, what meds you took and whether they worked until you get an appt. with a rheumy.

I was bacically confined to a bed for 4 years before docs finally took me seriously. I wish I would have been more pro-active back then. So don't give up and don't tolerate a doctor that doesn't take your concerns seriously. It took me a while but I finally found a decent one. And I'm so much better for it and happier. I would never have admitted back then how depressed I was from all the pain but I realize that now.

Oh, and google fibromyalgia checklist. Some fibro sites offer surveys that you can take, print the results and give to your doc. You may not have fibro or you may have that and another condition since it mimics man other conditions. I have fibro, lupus, and sjogrens. And many here suffer from multiple conditions. It will take the doctor a while to narrow down exactly what is going on with you. Be patient. Best of wishes.


Fantod - December 24

My recommendation would be to go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and get a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area.
Take care and keep in touch.


aharryman - January 2

I was diagnosed probably 13 or 14 years ago and I didnt believe such a thing as FM existed. I've seen information about Fibro become much more main-stream. It seems like the depression/fibro connection is pretty well established and the only question is which causes the other. Don't be intimidated by your doctor, you hire him, not the other way around. Respectfully ask him/her if they have experience in fibro and if not, ask if they can refer you to someone who does. I know it's not always easy but you have a right to have your doctor consider something just because you suspect it. You know your body and how it feels. I have had the opposite happen where because I am diagnosed with FM every other thing that happens the doctors want to call a result of the FM. I have a good relationship with my MD and I had him misdiagnose something because he was focused on my FM and it was very frustrating. I wish you the best--


Lynda - January 15

I have similar concerns. I seem to be suffering from many of the symptoms of FM but I am not a complainer and always put it off on getting older, being overweight, not being as active as I should, etc. But despite eating healthier, losing 30+ lbs, forcing myself to be more active and getting medical attention for my diabetes, blood pressure issues, I still have many of FM symptoms. About 7 years ago I was in such excruciating pain for many, many weeks and my doctor at the time couldn't figure out what my problem was. It eventually subsided (never went away completely) and so I never pursued further treatment. I also have been taking antidepressants for many, many years. Until recently, that is, when I took myself off. I don't know what if anything I should do. Any suggestions?


solanadelfina - January 15

Lynda, you mentioned that you've been getting more active- do you do stretching or range-of-motion exercises? They've been more helpful in my case than any medicine, for both pain and stiffness. Tai Chi can also help, and is usually gentle enough to be done even on some of the more painful days.



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