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Fluctuations in Body Temperature
11 Replies
FibroGal - July 31

Do any of you guys notice fluctuations in body temperature? Seems like mine can run anywhere between 98.4 to 99.7, depending on time of day.


bbass - July 31

I do notice temperature change, usually having to do with hormones, every month. I generally run colder than norm, but have noticed 99 degrees week or two before period. Is your all of the time?


FibroGal - July 31

Hi, bbass. Yes, I think it runs highest sporadically during the two weeks before period, also. But the temp. fluctuation is all the time. I never seem to stay at just a certain temp. Are fluctuation in body temp part of fibro, I wonder? I've told my doctor before that my temp tends to hang around 99ish and he said theres no concern.


bbass - July 31

Here is my theory on it. I think it is normal in fibro to have temp changes because Fibro is somehow tied into the endocrine system too. So that affects your thyroid and adrenal etc. Don't really know what causes what, I mean do we start out with messed up endocrine and that causes fibro? My chiro says that fibro really is just extreme adrenal fatigue. I am not completely convinced that is true, but I definitely think it all goes together somehow.


Fantod - August 1

My body temp fluctuates all of the time. I'm either ready to sign up for a nudist camp or looking like I just stepped off of a sled from the Artic.

If I am running a low grade fever, it is a good indication that my immune system is on the final countdown. I can usually attribute this to a high level of discernable stress. At that point, I can either cease and desist or pay the consquences which usually involves some derivative of the Ebola virus for serveral weeks.

other than stress, I can't tie my thermostat problems to times of the month etc. Just another facet of FMS trying to drive me barking mad....


FibroGal - August 1

...nudist camp?? LOL I think my temp really ties into my stress, too. What exactly is a low-grade fever? It seems different sources say different things but from what my doctor has said it is like 100 to 101.


arobin - August 1

I have noticed this too. If I am about to go into a flare I will have about 100 degree temp. for a couple of days. Other days it may be around 97 degrees. I feel like I am getting sick and my chest feels like I am getting bronchitis and sometimes I have stomach problems. I don't know if it goes together or if it is coincidence.


fancithatt - August 3

my reg temp is 97.4 yet today its 99.6 and I don't feel very good so it must have sdmething to do with the fm. Its so frustrating!


mimosette - August 3

my normal temp is around 97.5. On days that it gets any higher I feel like CRAP.


axxie - August 3

Mine is usually in the 95.5 never goes higher unless I'm sick. I guess everyone is different.


fancithatt - August 5

I bet your right that it goes up when we are feeling bad. I didn't really think about it but I'm going to pay attention and see if the next flare up I get a fever! Sunday was a yucky flare up but it went away quickly this time LOL. Maybe my dr's are getting my meds regulated :)


weemama - August 9

My temp changes everyday...usually at work when I am on the run. I feel like I have been running a marathon some days because of my sweating...I now carry a fan with a water spritzer in my pocket... It helps alot. And if I try reeeaaaallll hard I can sometimes imagine I am on a beach somewhere with the wind and ocean water in my face....if only for a minute, then back to reality.



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