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Flu shots
14 Replies
JJ1 - October 5

Anyone here get flu shots? I never had one before and they are being offered at my work tomorrow. I guess I am afraid of getting sick from the shot. Wondering if the risk of this is greater with our weakened systems with FMS.


TERESA - October 5

GOOD QUESTION! I recently had a bout of the flu (I think) & was wondering the samething? My boss suggested a flu shot, but I have never had one. I don't usually get sick. I wonder IF FMS leaves you more vunerable to colds & flu?


barbar - October 5

I get a flu shot every year and the only problem I ever had was when a brand new assistant forgot to wipe off my arm first with alcohol and I got an infection. But that's in about 20 years. Also, depending on how old you are or which categotry of vulnerability you are in, you may also need a pneumonia shot (every 5 years) and let's not forget our tetanus update (every 7 or 10 years, depending on which one you get).


TERESA - October 5

Barbar I'm 46 but I feel 80! So I wondered if because I have so many different things wrong if I'm more vulnerable? The flu shot has been around for yrs ,but I have never got it. When it first came out it seemed that everyone who got the shot GOT THE FLU!


Janie - October 5

Hi JJ..... I would NOT get the flu shot if I were you. I only got it once years ago & I was sick as a dog that whole winter, wheras I was usually one of the lucky ones who didn't get sick at all. I was talked into it by my boss at the time (it was a work thing too) so I was pressured... I think the concoction is made up of the flu virus itself... its supposed to regulate the immune system by exposing it to the virus strain or something. Anyway, I suppose everyone is different but I willl never get it again. take care.


barbar - October 5

Teresa, Those of us over 62 or have such immunosuppressors as diabetes are encouraged to get the flu shot. I note that Janie recommends against it. It is true that there was this one year when people who got the shot tended to be sicker for the season than those who did not get the shot. That is unfortunately one of the risks of getting the shot. It is also true that although those folks were sicker, they in fact did not get the flu (they just wished they had). It's a tough choice but if you are in one of the vulnerable groups, especially the immunosuppressant groups, check with your doctor and see what she says.


Virg - October 5

HI, I've had flu shots but never saw it working. I'd still get sick when flu season came around if I was in contact with people who had the flu, But remember flu shots are a long shot. They are made for a certain strain of flu
bug only so if another strain comes along bingo you could get the flu. One year I had the shot and got very sick but again that could be because I picked up another strain. My guy has Hep C and he
was told he should have one.. he too got sick when the flu was going around. Its up to the individual I guess. I know this year I'll opt not to have one.


Kimber2270 - October 5

I have been getting the flu shot for the past 4 years and have not had a bad case of the flu like I did before I started getting the shot.


BrandyO - October 5

I never get the flu shot and luckily I haven't suffered with it. I just get common colds. Of course now that I said that .......


Stephanie417 - October 6

Well.. I have been getting the flu shot for many years now.. and so far (knock on wood) I have not gotten the flu.. one thing to realize is that the flu shot does not protect you from the regular old flu.. just the strains that are most likely to be deadly.. So I think it is worth it.. Ive never gotten sick from the shot.. and I think its great.. especially if you have little ones.. like I do.


Stephanie417 - October 6

Also.. the flu shot is no longer a live virus... so there is no reason that it would make you get the flu by having the shot..


willow - October 7

I can only tell you my experience, but I would NEVER miss getting my flu shots! I've been getting them regularly for the last 20 years and the only time during that time period that I've gotten a bad case of the flu was the one year that I MISSED getting my shot! In that time period I had not only kids in school but my husband working at various schools, which of course are a HOT BED of flu germs.! You still can get a bad cold, which I think some people mistake for the flu, but there really is a difference.


Jeanie - October 9

Ask them what's in it. If you are allergic to what's in it no. If not, diffinately get the shot.


AmberRose - October 9

Ive never had a flu shot in all my life and ive only had the flu once and i got it form some guy who was disgustingly ill at work for three months.


JJ1 - October 9

Thanks for all the replies. I ended up not doing the flu shot, mostly because I was out of the office the day they were offering it at work. But I do not usually get the flu. I guess I will take my chances.



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