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flu shot worthwhile?
8 Replies
kerri - December 18

wondering if anyone has gotten a flu shot with fibro. does it help or hurt you? i'd like to get one to avoid the flu, but not sure if it'll cause a flare up. Any info?


Beverly - December 7

I've had Fibro for almost 30 yrs. I've had no problem with flue shot's due to Fibro.


Debbie L - December 7

I get a flu shot every year and have never had any problems.


Jean - December 8

Yes I would get the flu shot. No problems with me and it is advisable to do this. Looking up your vaccine reports you should be aware about getting your tetanus vaccine as well every 10 years and also if you have trouble with chronic bronchitis or asthma or you are 65 and older you should consider the pnuemonia vaccine, it is usually a one time vaccine but that depends on the age in which you get one. Do talk to your doctor before getting the vaccines to be sure this is what you need to do but otherwise no flareups with me.


joanne - December 9

i had the flu shot last year and to be honest it made me really ill (if that is what it was). i had a relapse for 3 months and could hardly move...but i must say i am probably one of the few who it affects in this to your doctor and express your concerns i think.
kindest regards


Jean - December 9

Joanne: Have you thought about maybe you have an allergy to the flu shot. Most people can't get flu shots because they are allergic to eggs. Or, you might have ben exposed to the flu before you got the flu shot otherwise putting you done for a relapse for a couple of months. The flu vaccine is not a live virus, they only give the live virus through nasal spray . Sorry that happened to you.


joanne - December 9

no the doctor looked into me being allergic to eggs/flu vaccine and was negative and considering i was homebound at the time im not sure if i had caught it fromanyone else as i am pretty isolated at times like these, however i supose someone could have brought the virus in the house.But it seems everytime i have a vaccine my body reacts to it, i want it to work!!lol! just that it doesnt seem to suit im steering well clear of i say..i am one of a handful of people that are apparantly affected by this vaccine..not everyone is.


Jean - December 10

Hi Joanne: You are correct, some people just can not take certain medications and as you stated there is handful of people like that. Hopefully, they will find an alternative for flu vaccine to accommodate people like you and others who systems can not tolerate it. Have a Happy Holiday Everyone.


Andrea - December 18

I am supposed to get the flu shot only because my doctors are just now realizing that my immune system is different then everyone else's but I refuse to get it because I was ill for three weeks and almost ended up in the hospital because of it, it works differently for everyone though, talk to your doctor. Has it ever affected you before?



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