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Flu Shot or Not
9 Replies
tnichel - October 26

Do any of you plan on getting the flu shot? My job is offering a clinic today and I can't reach the doctor to ask if I should get vaccinated. I read somewhere that people with chronic illnesses or have problem with their immune system shouldn't get it.


Fantod - October 28

I had my flu shot ten days ago. I have chronic lung problems in addition to the FMS so it is mandatory for me. If you have a chronic illness, you should get a flu shot not the other way around. It does not keep you from getting the flu but it does lessen the impact. For anyone with chronic illness, this is important. I had some extra pain from FMS following the injection. Would I risk not having the shot - absolutely not.


coop - November 3

I got my flu shot(after checking with my doc) 1 week ago with no ill affects(other than a sore shoulder from a sadistic nurse)(are they supposed to weld the needle "overhand"??? :)


J em - November 4

I have had fybro for almost 30 years and I find the flu shot helps. While it may be more foreign chemicals going into your system it is worth it in the long run becaue of mu immune system.


hammalc - November 21

I've been prescribed the shot too by my Rheumatologist due to my respiratory chronic conditions and the FMS. So my guess to you is go ahead!


JoniB - November 22

I agree with Fantod.


shula - November 23

I had a very bad experience with flu shots, I would be extremely sick for months after, so I am never getting one again.


InHisSteps - December 14

I get the shot every year. Except for some arm tenderness for a couple days afterwards, I don't think it is hurting me at all and I have not had the flu in several years.


LindaQ - January 2

Yes you should get a flu shot.
Because of the immune thing especially , because we can be even more compromized by a flu than regular folks. I am drug sensative and allergic too to the two main groups of antibiotics ( penecilin and sulfa based) now because of my fibro. I have had flus that have almost killed me or at least sent me to the hospital. So I get my flu shot faithfully and then stay away from folks when sick. Another thing family does not understand, why I don't want them over when they are ill. I usually only get a little pain where they inject because they are shooting it into your fibrose or muscle tissue but that is about it. I learned to take a tylenol before going and it helps that alot.


LindaQ - January 2

P.S. I was getting those bad flus before I got shots regularly or yearly. Have not had flu for many years now.



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