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Flu Shot and Fybromyalgia
6 Replies
thecudd - October 23

Does anyone know if the Flu Shot is recommended if you have Fybromyalgia? This season's flu shot is a combined seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccine. I'm concerned about getting the shot and whether or not it will worsen or heighten my symptoms. I have not yet been conclusively diagnosed with Fybromyalgia, but I have an upcoming appointment with a Rheumotologist in a few weeks. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments.


jlaing - October 23

Does anyone know if there could be a link between allergies and fibromyalgia? I have a severe mold allergy and when exposed to mold, my pain is extreme. My house is somewhat moldy but when I am travelling, I have relatively little pain.


axxie - October 23

Hello thecudd, gees flu shot or not is the question. Every year we debate this one, I the flu shot everyear and I doesn't bother me. No once was I able to attribute it to having the flu shot and hurting.

For some, it bothers them and swear they will never have the flu shot.

I think the question that come back again and again, is I don't want to hurt anymore then what I'm hurting.

We all know that no two people feel the pain the same way. Today I woke up with a sleepless night taking two ralivia and one sleeping pill feeling well enough to play with the dog outside, working a littl outside and going shopping. But then it's nice out today.

I have more pain when the weather is in a frenzy, the atmosphere is changing and not when it has arrived at ex. rain and wind and cold snap. Go figure some of us are affected by the atmospheric weather and not when the weather is stable.

So coming back to the flu shot, let say that you used to take the flu shot before you had fibro and weren't hurting all over and the flu shot didn't bother you. But now you have fibro, the outcome could be the same or it could be that you may have an outgoing all over pain attack. Can you attribute the flu shot as being the culprit or can you actually pinpoint the attack to something else you have done or didn't do, or was it the weather made you feel worse or something you eat.

If you feel you should get the flu shot, then get it, and try not worry about it the outcome, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who can have the flu shot and not feel anything.

Regardless of what everyone say, you need to make up your mind about the flu shot.

OBTW, did you know with all the comotion of last year everyone should get the H1N1, only half of the population that was offered the flu shot for free got it.

I did'nt get around to taking it and only got the normal flu shot and never felt in problems.

Go figure!!


toots2889 - October 24

I get the flu shot every year, and already got mine for this year. Ive never had a problem with it, and the year i didnt get one and got the flu, i thought i was gonna die. It was the worst, and painful, that i vowed from then on i would get one.


jrzgirl1 - October 24

I got the combo flu shot 4 weeks ago, I did not have any problems, stress is my problem


Fantod - October 24

thecudd - The subject of getting a flu shot is an annual debate on this board. I have already had mine. In addition to Fibromyalgia (FMS) I also have several underlying problems including asthma. I also have a history of pneumonia and multiple allergies to medication including antibiotics. Getting the shot for me is not an option. And, yes I also get the pneumonia vaccine as needed. Now I am looking into the shingles vaccine.

Fibromyalgia is an auto immune disease. We all have compromised immune systems. These days people are really inconsiderate when they are ill. They work, travel and go about their business infecting everyone else instead of using common sense and staying at home. The flu shot will not prevent you getting the flu but it will certainly lessen the impact.

If you suspect that you have FMS, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions about getting the shot. FMS creates a heightened sensitivity to touch, pressure and anything that causes pain, even a simple injection. I use a muscle rub called Arnica which you can find at any decent health food store prior to getting the shot. I apply it on the designated arm, shoulder, across and up the neck. I also take some Tylenol about an hour prior to the injection. I made the mistake of not doing this one year and it took me about a week to recover from the injection. I know this sounds totally ridiculous but paybacks with FMS are hell. Better to be proactive than pay the consequences.

This year I was extremely fatigued after the shot and it has taken me about two weeks to pull out of the slump. It doesn't take much to upset the apple cart with FMS. I hope my comments were helpful to you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


thecudd - October 25

Thank you all for your comments on getting the Flu Shot. I am having a difficult time with pain right now, and I'm concerned that getting the shot will only further compromise my immune system. Two years ago, I got the shot and wound up getting a really bad skin rash that lasted for almost weeks and was so painful that I thought I was going to die. Before that, I had never had a problem with the shot before, and the doctor suspected that it wasn't anything to do with the shot at all, but since then, I've been scared. I truly appreciate the feedback from everyone. I wish you all health and freedom from pain.



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