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Flu Shot
3 Replies
txsunsets - November 3

I know I am suppose to get a flu shot since i have FMS but i'm worried if there will be any side effects. Has anyone experience any side effects and if so what kind. Thanks Fibro hugs


Fantod - November 4

I am high risk due to underlying health problems so I have to get a flu shot. I also get a pneumonia shot as recommended. I have had one memorable experience with a flu shot which had solely to do with the acutal injection. It set off some unbearable pain in my upper arm, shoulder and across the top of my back. Thatlasted for three days. I was unable to sleep and could not stand to have any weight including clothing on that arm. I have never had a reaction to the vaccine. This year, I got smart. I used Arnica which is a homeopathic get you can buy at any health food store. It is like a sports cream that also helps with bruising and swelling. I covered my entire arm, shoulder and upper back before I went for the shot. A few hours later, I repeated the application of Arnica. I had absolutely no problem this year. It is odd though as I have had other injections and not experienced any pain as a result. It seems that when it comes to FMS the nervous system has a different set of rules every day about how it is going respond. I hope my information is helpful to you. Take care.


trans - November 4

No I have not and my doc pretty much insists on it. With this being an auto-immune disorder, if we would get the real deal with the flu it would not be good and our ability to fight it off is less than people without fibro. Best wishes.


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

I took a flu shot this year and didn't notice and increase in symptoms although I did feel flu-like symptoms for a few days following the shot. I had also gotten a pneumonia shot at the same time and that shot was extrememly painful for about a week.



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