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Floaters (black spots) in eyes
10 Replies
mbeach - January 20

DOes anyone have this. It is driving me crazy.... I had a really through eye check and they said my eyes look fine...


Mr. Wilde - January 7

You're probable just seeing the bactera that has collected on your eyes. It's normal, but on bright days you might notice them easier.
Unless you do have an eye problem, then I say good luck.


Jean - January 8

Hi mbeach: There are times when people get these black floaters that float through the eye. I haven't heard of anyone getting rid of them they ar just there and something to deal with but if it bothers you talk to your optomatrist about it, he may not be aware that you are having this problem.


Dee - January 9

I also have floaters. When I saw my opthalmologist for an eye exam, she said as we get older we tend to get these. They are harmless -- even though very aggravating. If they continue to bother you, you might want to see an eye specialist. Good luck!


Juanita - January 12

I was worried about this back 17 to 18 years ago. I went to an opthmalogist and he said it was normal to have floating black spots. When those floating black specks stop moving around and stay in one spot, is when you need to be worried and get into a eye doctor immediately, he said.


Andrea - January 13

I get this too, it usually means I'm about to get a migraine when I see them so I take a migraine pill and go to sleep otherwise i'm in horrundus pain. Hope you feel better soon.


mbeach - January 13

Do you think it is normal to have them all the time for months and months?


Jean - January 16

I don't think anyone can so anything about the floaters but to make sure ask your eye doctor.


Hope Crarer - January 16

Yes i do experence this from time to time, i have wondered the same thing. May be it is linked to low blood sugar? like u i am not sure.


Cindy - January 16

Just went to the eye doctor for a routine checkup. She said my eyes were very healthy and that floaters are normal.


Jean - January 20

If you go to webmd and type in eye floaters you will find an explanation about how they develope and why.



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