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Flexeril & Elavil
13 Replies
Elizabeth - July 29

Has anyone been prescribed Flexeril for fibromyalgia? If so, what are the side effects? My doctor gave me this prescription and elavil (an antidepressant) for the pain. I'm getting them tomorrow, but I would like to know if there any side effects before I start taking them. Thanks.


Kim - June 6

I was taking Elavil and had side effects...weird dreams, weight gain, and I started feeling worse. I am now on Celexa and seem to be doing better. I know others have had success with Elavil so it all depends on how your body reacts to the meds.


JJ - June 6

I have not had any side effects I am aware of due to Elavil (granted, I may be writing off side effects as just another symptom of FMS). I had more severe and frequent body aches and pains before taking Elavil. Now I only get those when I forget my meds or when I am under additional stress. I did not have weight gain that I can attribute to Elavil although I know this is a potential side effect. I did gain weight at what I think was my onset of FMS and have not been able to take it off -- I guess this could be due to the Elavil.

I have not had Flexeril. Is that for pain?


Lisa - June 6

I have taken both Flexeril and Elavil. The Flexeril made me very tired, even the next day. The Elavil worked pretty well; I had problems with weight gain and INSANE dreams too. I was taking Elavil for a specific area of pain and it helped with that, but I still had pain in other areas of my body.


Dani - June 25

I have taken Elavil for 28 years for fibro and migraines -unfortunately, it is the only anitdepressant I have ever been able to take- it does cause weight gain but I only have bad dreams if I stop taking it.It will also make you have cravings for sugar. I take 100 mg a night at bedtime, and every time I have stopped taking it, I have felt horrible, so I deal with the side effects the best I can.


Anne R. - June 26

I am currently taking Flexoril before bed. I have found that it helps relax the tight muscles that keep me tossing and turning. It's not perfect, but it seems to help me. I've also taken Elavil over and above the antidepressant that I normally take (Cymbalta). My doc prescribed it to help me sleep. I never associated the weird dreams I have with the drug, but it definitely could have been that. I had horrible dry mouth when I was taking it too. I took myself off of it (my doctor gives me a little freedom to figure out what works for me). I am also on Neurontin (gabapentin) at night. It's an anti-siezure drug for epilepsy, but it seems to help me sleep.


Lynne - June 27

I take both for my FM the Elavil helped me sleep better but I too noticed weight gain. The Flexril I take at bedtime also for muscle spasams but if I have them during the day I am allowed to take another to help out. They make me tired also so if I have any plans or have to go anywhere I d it in pain.
I also take Neurontin, Ultram, Xanax,Naproxen and Vicodin as needed. Needless to say there is no way I can take these meds the way the doctors want me to or I would be a zombie.
Even with all these medications I am still in pain.


Lisa - June 27

Lynne, That is exactly how I feel. The last time I was in to see one of my doctors, they handed me Skelaxin (3 X's day) and Flexeril to take at night. I looked at the nurse and said "And you expect me to function?" She told me that it should be fine. Yea, right.


Judy - June 27

My doctor prescribed Flexeril 10 mg twice a day and I find that they have no side effects at all. In fact I asked him if I could increase dosage and he said no. I do not have ANY reaction to them in that I do not feel they are doing anything for me. Maybe I would be worse if I didn't take them. I only take them when I know I am going to be at home as per instructions by him.


dana - July 2

i took elavil at bedtime for about 5 months, and i gained about 20 lbs. i'm sure the elavil wasn't the only factor involved in my weight gain, but that is one of the most prevalent side effects. i've never taken flexeril, but i do take zanaflex, and it's wonderful, helps me go to sleep. of course, everyone does not react to meds in the same way, so you may not have any side effects at all.


Joni - July 5

I have taken Flexeril, but like Baclofen better.(10 mg to function, 20 mg at night as needed) Also take Zanex (alprazolmn).


Ashley - July 6

If you go to or, you can find all the information on almost any medication. I personally am against anti-depressants because the side effects are so vast and trying to stop taking them is nearly impossible. Any sort of hormone therapy is extremely hard to break the dependancy.


Carrie - July 19

Hi Elizabeth. I was given Elavil many, many years ago for depression. I felt like I was on another planet. I stayed on it for about 2 weeks then just said, no way. There are lots of other anti-depressants out there. And it's always a quest to find the right combination for your body. I've tried many different anti-de's, but right now use celexa, selexa? not sure of the spelling. I take flexeril as well. It works well for reduction of tension of muscles, pain relief, and makes me very sleeply. It's not enough on it's own, and taking 2 or more a day just makes me sleep all day, so my MD is talking about another type of anti-inflammatory. Can't remember the name of it... but she says it's more controllable.... not as heavy-handed as flexeril, so some days I could take 3 or 4, as needed, and on better days, only take 1 or 2 pills. I'll be trying that after I get back from vacation, because she doesn't want to give me new meds while I'm away. good luck.


Jennifer - July 29

I took 25 mg of Elavil and within 4 months had every side effect on the list (which the dr at that time said wasn't possible on such a low dosage) it didn't help me at all and the nightmares were awful, keeping me from getting the sleep I needed. The weight gain was horrible too.



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