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First the Quake, now the Hurricane
13 Replies
January - August 25

That was an interesting post Denise resurrected about increased pain levels before the earthquake. Now, here comes a huge hurricane up the East Coast. I've been having so much more pain - and headaches! Changes in barometric pressure really bother me! And humidity. Anybody else having a really miserable time with the hurricane exacerbating symptoms?


lucky13 - August 25

I'm not on the east coast anymore, but I have been watching the news. The outerbanks is a wonderful area, i've worked in Kill Devil Hills before and I miss that carolina bbq.
Hope everyone stays safe, and flare free


January - August 26

Hi Lucky! That's a beautiful area around Kill Devil Hills! NC is beautiful east and west! They are saying this is going to be a monster hurricane. I came home today to find a phone message from the electric company saying to expect power outages. (That's not normal.) There is structural damage in a lot of areas from the quake, if we get high winds on top of that… I just pray it goes out to sea.


cincin - August 27

I have had a brutal summer with barometric pressure. I actually find the winter time easier in that aspect. I feel just like the little puppet on this page,headaches,muscle and joint pain the whole ball of wax. Certainly understand where you are coming from.


valjoy - August 28

Yes, barometric pressure plays a huge part with our problems. Does anyone suffer from the dreaded BRAIN FOG??? Mine is terrible today as our barometer is changing to rain, the pain is terrible and the brain fog is out of control.


cincin - August 28

Brainfog-omg I'm trying to write this and its not working,why is it not working! I have not logged in yet-DUH. Getting up today was downright nasty. You know the old saying-"Just shoot me" well today is one of those days. Hopefully this will move through quickly.


January - August 28

HI cincin - I think I just read somewhere that you are new, and so welcome to the site! (Fantod, our usual welcomer and information bank, is taking some time off….) I've enjoyed reading your posts and agree with what you say on many things, like take control of your own health and keep trying! I've had the official diagnosis for well over 15 years…. but probably had a few flares decades ago and didn't know what was happening… Anyway, it was a long hard fight, and a lot of research and experimentation to get better. And you CAN get better, as you have noted! Still… I learn something new every week on here!


cincin - August 29

Hi January, thanks for the welcome. I was three years without a flare up(was not aware that this would happen)and now know the mistakes I made and the warning signs I ignored that it was coming. Won't do that again.:P. I can not say how much just reading everyone's posts about symptons,family life, life in general has lifted the loneliness of FM.I try very hard not to complain about it or make excuses because of it-lifes to short-but there are times it makes it immpossible as we all know.My biggest goal is to find a reason(any) to smile when I get out of bed each day,sounds corny but it does help with the mental mood,of course there are some days it just doesn't happen. Since joining this site I feel better as a person. Thank you all for sharing your stories and hopefully we can find helpful ideas from each other. Cheers


January - August 29

Hi cincinc -- LOL, if I had a nickel for every time I went around crowing "I beat it!" thinking I had cured the fibro forever! But… it tends to crop up. For me, gluten is a big problem. I got some a month or two ago from a couple sources, and now I wake up every day feeling like the world is going to crash in on me. Thankfully, I now know it is just one of my gluten reactions. Once I'm up and distracted, I feel better. But it takes about 3 months to lose the depression of a couple croutons worth of gluten!

I also find it is pointless to talk too much about fibro to the "others." Once in a blue moon, someone seems really interested in learning more. But usually, if the disease doesn't affect them personally, all they know is" Cymbalta cures it! " They saw it on TV! And after that their eyes glaze over… I get so sick and tired of telling "normal" people I can't do it, I don't feel well. They just think I need a little pep talk, a pull yourself out of it slap on the back… sigh…. so eventually, we part ways. Fibro can be isolating sometimes. But your REAL friends stick around… So maybe that's a blessing in disguise.

Glad you like the site… I do too because everyone here "gets it."


cincin - August 29

Hey Jaunuary, Yep I agree with not discussing it with the "norms" they think its like having a broken bone or surgery and its always the same question,"When are you going back to work". I could spit in their eye. I've never had easy jobs(by choice)and now I'm really limited to what I can do. When I grocery shop I know what I want get it and try to get out.It takes less than 5 minutes for the floors to start affecting my feet,legs,and hips. I've almost put my items down and walked out because checkout was to slow.If I could find a sitting job where I could get up and do laps every half hour I'ld be working. Working out of home would be great but have not found any business that I could qualify for that. I am a fledgling photographer(love doing it)but with out the $ backing its almost impossible to get started. I miss working. How many of you have had to stop working?What type of work do you find the easiest(if any)? I have a lot of field experience but nothing certified.Would return for schooling if I thought I could sit for 2-4 hrs straight.Thx


January - August 30

HI cincin - I know there are a lot of photography communities online - I am sure there are ways to post photographs online and sell them…? I know someone who does this. But I don't know the ins and outs, and it takes a while to get started. If you joined a website community, they might be able to help you get started.

I now do work that I can control myself. I set the hours, and do a lot of research. Computers are great for this - if you can hook up with someone who needs your skills. Just beware the "work at home" scams!


cincin - August 30

hi January, Thanks, you just jostled my memory about a contact I have that does the online business. Yes there are alot of scams out there and you have to be very careful. I was wondering if its allowed to post our email address on here, that if someone wants to correspond more directly they can? This site needs spell check, I've had to correct just about every sentence.lmao. I'm glad the hurricane has run it's course, barometric pressure has backed off considerably.


January - August 31

Hi cincin - yes, people do post emails. Just instead of the regular dot, say (dot). Also, if you post a website with three w's (or even a remark with 3 w's) the site will cancel you out.

Yes, yes, I'm glad the hurricane is gone and the weather is lovely. I don't hurt so much, but I can't sleep…. it's always something! LOL


cincin - August 31

Hi January, I've tried with the email address but it's not allowing it.Anyway I read your post to Please HELP!!! and you are a book of information. Thank you. Everyone try and have the best day you can.



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