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first rheumatology appt
4 Replies
dkarssen79 - December 24

Hi! I was diagnosed with fms by my family doctor. He has been trying to treat me for approximately four years. Up until recently whatever he has done has worked to some extent. Unfortunately the symptoms have become so severe that everything he has tried is not working. I am currently in 100mg of savella twice a day, 150 mg of lyrica 3 tunes a day and he just added seroquel 50 mg before bed to help me sleep. It seems that none of this has helped much even after adjusting the dosage. So he's decided its time for me to see a rheumotologust.

Just looking for any advice or suggestions for my first appt with the specialist. Certain questions I should ask etc. If anyone thinks of anything please let me know. I want to get the most out of this appt that I can. My appt is in January 4th. Wish me luck!


Canada17 - December 24

Find out what their experience is with treating FM. Not all rhuematologists are created equal.

Ask about what kind of diet restrictions might help you. I know my pain was greatly reduced by sticking to an elimination diet. While it doesn't eliminate my pain it has certainly made it more tolerable.

Ask about vitamin/supplements that you could be taking to help you.

Keep an open mind, stay positive, and be patient. It can take a while to find the right combination of medication and therapies that work for you.

Remember that if you don't feel comfortable with the doctor you have every right to find a new one. You need to be able to put your trust in the doctor and being uncomfortable with them can make you question the validity of the treatment.


Fantod - December 24

If you have had any recent bloodwork, I would get copies and take them with you. It may save some time and expense.

You might want to consider taking someone with you. Seeing a new doctor is always stressful and more so given your situation. A second set of ears to hear what the doctor says might be good so you don't miss anything important. Especially when it comes to medication.

If you have not been tested for a Vitamin D deficieny, ask about that. The test is done using bloodwork. Another option would be a test for gluten sensitivity. The most accurate results are obtained using a stool sample.

Take a list of all of your current medication that you are using and the doseage.

Good luck with your appointment and I hope that this rheumotologist is someone who is up to daye on the current treatment protocol. Take care.


Fantod - December 24

If you find that this rheumotologist is not FMS friendly (and there are a lot of them), find someone new. You can go to the National Fibromyalgia Association site and register. Then you will be able to see a list of fibro-friendly healthcare professionals in your area.
Take care.


axxie - December 26

Welcome dkarssen79

When you go to your first appointment with the specialist, you may want to make a list of questions you want to ask and also if you had a list of all of your medication you take, past, present, and also any blood tests you may have had. A little history will work wonders for the doctor.

Your history can be short with just a few short words, will help, such as do you have these symptoms:

Stiffness; Increased Headaches or Facial Pain; maybe you have Sleep Disturbances, gastrointestinal complaints (IBS), you may also have genito-urinary problems, such as urgency to urinate with an absence of bladder infection this is frequesnt for women (one of my pet peeve), maybe you are sensitive to temperature such as being sensitive to cold in the hands, color changes, maybe you have itchy, dry skin, finger swelling, joint inflamation, or you may have had shallow breathing oand or postural problems, maybe you have had dysequilibrium (light-headeness and/or balance problems), leg sensations such as restless legs syndrome (RLS), Cognitive Disorders, such as fibro-fog, you may have allergic like reactions to a variety of substances, you may also have depression or anxiety attacks.

Write everything down, if you know the years you have had these symptoms it also helps, ie, don't forget to tell if you have had any surgery and when you think your fibro symptoms started.

You may not think it's essential, but all of it is.

Good luck to you and do return to the forum and let us know how it went. As always we will be here to help you out.



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