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barbar - December 15

Finis, guys. Have some amusement watching these guys scramble for daylight, other than that: finis. You do the same. Have a good life, everybody!


Virgie - December 15

Barbar, it seems it's about that time.
But it's so stupid and unfair to us who have made friends and for those looking for simple answers and support. I SALUTE you for all the good stuff you've done.


barbar - December 15

Thank you, Virgie. I have very little time left on this site but I do want to say that I had made friends here. That is part of the evil Carrie did. When I was so happy, pain and fatigue free, excited I wanted to share that with my friends. Carrie censored all of that and threw it away before anybody got a chance to read it. She and HK are little terrorists and they will continue attacking. I urge those of you remaining, who wish to focus on the FMS, to go to a site that is not trying to sell you something (that is probably not good for you) and is there for no other purpose. Get away while you can.


larry - December 16

How rude! I feel sorry for you ladies that have an incredible need “to be right” and create polarity at this site and spend so much time trying to rip apart any good news that anyone posts and to do it with lack of knowledge and data and projecting your irrational, twisted interpretation on to the posts that actually are received completely different by many other folks that have also sent me personal emails of thanks.... Many folks read this site, but for some strange reason a limited few people think that the post are directly sent to them. Barbar, I personally have had enough of your garbage and suggest that you take a very close at yourself first before you continue to post your delusions of conspiracy. You posted on this site that your email ends in .gov for the thousands of people to see and yet you derive that there is a conspiracy which I am a part of. On Dec 4- you also took the time to personally send me an email to attack me when I was generous enough to offer my email address and help to anyone that wanted help. Now you lie about your posting times, stating that you work at night, etc. Your several emails to me on Dec.4 came from [email protected] , all in the the middle of the day , 11:23a , 1:12pm, etc. Additionally your emails to me back this up as you stated “My case is extreme, for example, I cannot walk more than 30 or 40 feet without crutches and even then, I have to consider every step I take wisely because it will hurt so much---even on 7 painkillers. I forgot my lunch in the car this morning and had to go down to the parking garage to get it. That simple walk, from my desk to the elevator to the car and back, has proven excruciating. It has knocked me out for the rest of the day and may re-start the fibro cycle.”…….I felt sorry for you as you sound so sad, conflicted, lonely, sick, scared and on an emotional roller-coaster. However- you continue to slander me which is unacceptable. The ironic thing in this entire scenario is that stands for the Government Accountability Office, “The purpose of the Government Accountability Office's ( FraudNET) is to facilitate the reporting of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement of federal funds.” I highly recommend that you clean up your own act before you continue to accuse and abuse and post irrational theories of conspiracy to thousands of people. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I am out of here. Finis.


barbar - December 17

Larry, Going after somebody's job, especially somebody innocent who never posted here and never did a thing wrong, is absolutely unconscienable. I've asked the site managers to delete all reference to me as well as all of my posts. I will be no more than a memory on this site. But having gone after my friend's job---I told you that I had folks e-mail me there because of the firewall protection. He forwards the e-mails to me at home free of of any viruses. He did that as a simple favor to me and shouldn't have to pay for anything that went on here. What you did was just plain morally wrong. You knew that address wasn't mine and just because I said I had to go downstairs for lunch doesn't mean that I work at the ."whatever" at the end of an e-mail address I gave out. I should never have given out my friend's address but that is no excuse for YOU TRYING TO GET SOMEONE---ANYONE---FIRED.



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