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Finding a Happy Medium
2 Replies
vavaughn - March 28

It seems my fibro has taken on a very distinct pattern when it comes to fatigue. I seem to get 2-3 ok to good days and then I get 4-5 totally out of commission days. It's been like this for the last couple of weeks. My problem is I can't find a happy medium and I know my down days could be less debilitating if I didn't cram so much into my ok to good days. When I have an ok or good day, I feel like I have to make-up for all the time I was down and out. So, I catch-up on the housework, try to get in some exercise, do the grocery shopping, etc. I'm completely spent after 2 days of go, go, go! Anyone have any tips on how to find a happy medium? Slowing down on the good days so the bad days aren't so bad?


OnaJourney - March 28

Hi Vavaughn
You have hit the nail on the head. Pacing/energy conservation is one (of many) solutions toward helping fibro. That is, both Physical and Emotional energy need to be managed.
Have you ever tried to keep a daily activity journal. It takes some time to complete, but in the end you may see a pattern forming so that you can make changes.
I previously mentioned a book on this site - Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by Dr. Alison Bested. She deals with this in detail. She also has a website where you can download an activity log for your own use.
As I went to her clinic, I was asked to do this exercise and am into my 5th week. I find it useful. I was also told to take 3 five to ten minute rest periods - meditate, etc. I find it difficult to schedule that into my day.
Hope this helps.


kvc33 - March 29

Most mediums are happy because they get money for nothing.ha ha. Well, you need to figure out whether you are doing all those things because you want to or because you think you should. Big difference. If you make a rule that you must take a rest period between every job it will make you realize what your capabilities really are. Give up the exercise, you get enough of that shopping and cleaning. On your down days just go for a short walk to keep your muscles limber. I remind myself that all the jobs I want to get 'done' will just have to be done again and again and it makes it far less appealing. My bf and i have finally hired someone to clean and shop for us. I'm tired of trying to be a hero, he doesn't care how much I do so why should I?



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