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finally diagnosed
5 Replies
dannape - August 31

Hey All,

After making an appt with a rheumatologist over 3 1/2 months ago, i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia after being in pain for 7 years.

My only concern is, he put my on cymbalta, and i also told him of my repeated migraines, and how i was on sumatriptan sprays, and when i got home, i was researching cymbalta and it clearly states that you should NOT take it if you are on sumatriptan, cause it can be fatal. I emailed the dr, and surprisingly he emailed me back quickly and said that was theoretical and had not been proven, and just not to take them together.

I am still a little concerned, wondering if any of you are on cymbalta (what are your thoughts on it) and are you also on imitrex or sumatriptan and are you concerned using both of them?

Thanks everyone.

Peggy from Ohio


Fantod - August 31

Peggy - I use Cymbalta and have for about 3 years. I'm on 30MG once aday and have experienced no problems with it. I would follow up with your pharmacist and see what they have to say. I doubt they would have issued the script if they thought there may be a problem. I assume that you use the same pharmacy for everything. If you don't want to use Cymbalata, Savella may be another option to explore. Take care.


toots2889 - September 1

Peggy, Ive been taking Cymbalta-60mgs twice a day and also take Imitrex when needed for my migraines. Ive never had a problem and my dr. is pretty carefull with what he gives me. Take care and hope i was of some help to you.


ellymay - September 1

Having tried Cymbalta and experiencing miserable side effects I have had wonderful results with Savella. It's a med that requires titrating the dose up and I had to titrate a bit slower than prescribed. The only symptoms were slight nausea which disappeared after a couple of weeks and occasional warm flashes which now occur only rarely. Good luck.


dannape - September 2

thanks for your words everyone. I will start the cymbalta tonight. The pharmacist almost said word for word what the rheumy said. Of course, after reading the packet it says, tramadol interacts with cymbalta the same way sumatriptan does. I normally take 2 tramadol at nighttime to help with the aches so i can sleep, but now i'm wondering when i should take the cymbalta? He suggested at nighttime.

My pcp also gave me some savella, and it did help my mental clarity and my mood, but did nothing for pain or sleep, so hopefully cymbalta will work.


dannape - September 7

i don't know about you all, but this cymbalta is knocking me for a loop...granted i've only been on it 5 days( 30 mg), but i am even more exhausted than i was before. I fell asleep talking to my mom on the phone, i fell asleep in church sunday, i slept for like 11 hours straight.

I am taking the cymbalta with dinner (about 6 or 7 pm), then the tramadol about 9 or 930 pm, giving it an hour to kick in, then i go to bed at 11:00.

does that sound like a good schedule to you guys?



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