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Filing for Disablity- please help
6 Replies
Thee Ox - March 26

Hello all,

I have fibro, fibro fog, memory loss, muscle spasms, post traumatic stress, sleep ap. All these things are getting worse by the day.

I've applied for disability thru ALLSUP. They will do all the work, etc. My questions are:
Has anyone of you heard pros/cons about ALLSUP and: Should I hire a disability lawyer instead.

I live in the Mayville, Wisconsin area, north of Milwaukee. If any of you lives here, Please refer me to a great disability lawyer, please?

I so need your help with this. Thanks to all in advance.

Yer friend,


toots2889 - March 26

Ive only heard good things about them. I have an attorney working on my case, as I didnt know about Allsup until after I had already hired my attorney.

I just got a call from my attorney today saying they are getting ready to set a date for me. What does that mean? Soon or another 6 mo. I dont get it? Also I was talking to someone today about this and they told me not to expect back pay as thay didnt get it. Is this so? They make us live in poverty for 3 years so they can deny us back pay?


Fantod - March 27

I friend of mind who has Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's used Allsup. They did a very good job and had her disability process completed in about 6 months. She was approved. As far as I am concerned, I think Allsup is the way to go. They seem to have a good handle on the process. Good luck and take care.


mariantodino - March 27

I definitly get a lawyer, you will more than likely be denied the first time, you are allowed an appeal, you will be given papers to allow the lawyer to represent, you usually do not have to give them a retainer, but the paper will state that you will pay them out of your claim, I wish you the best of luck it took me five years, if there's anything else i can help with let me know


mariantodino - March 27

the soon or 6 months, means they want, you to come in for a hearing, be examined by ther doctors and such, you will get your money retroactiv, your first day out of work, and a doctor backing you up on the dat, as to when you were diagnosed. if i can help let me know marian


Mrs.Prince - April 13

I live in North Carolina and I'm receving Disability and I got a big lump sum of back pay, but, I had a Lawyer.


Fantod - April 16

Allsup has a 98% success rate the first time around which more than I can say for most lawyers.



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