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Fibromyalgia, yoga, and massage
6 Replies
windchilly - October 12

Hi all! I am a yoga instructor with two students who suffer from fibromyalgia. Both practice yoga (one brand new beginner and one who has been practicing about a year). My question it safe for a fibromyalgia sufferer to practice yoga and immediately follow it with a massage? What are your experiences?

Thank you, windchilly


TERESA - October 13

I know nothing about yoga ( i wish I did) but in my experence people with FMS can do anything that they feel like. Is there something about yoga that would cause a massage to be contraindicated?


TERESA - October 13

PS Where do live? I have been wanting to learn yoga but I don't know where to begin.


windchilly - October 13

Hi Teresa! I live in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis.

The issue seems to be that it may be too much work on the tissues and muscles at one time. Yoga and massage are both wonderful therapies/exercises for people with FMS...make sure to find a qualified teacher or massage therapist. Where do you live? Try looking in your yellow pages or at for a yoga studio near you. If you try yoga, my recommendation would be to start with a gentle class or call the center to ask their advice in which class to start with.

Best wishes!


TERESA - October 13

I live in a small town south of Joplin MO. We're almost nieghbors LOL! I got a book that shows some of the postions but its really hard to follow. I want to find someone to teach me. Money is a problem though. I was wondering if you knew of any tapes or do-it-yourself books ie.. YOGA FOR THE STUPID : )


AmberRose - October 13

I would love to do yoga and then get massage as long as it wasn't one of those push hard on your muscles massage. my hasband used to do that all the time and i ended up crying out cause it hurts.....darn trigger points ! At least i now why they were hurting now, i thought i was a freak who just couldnt be massaged lol


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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