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Fibromyalgia Worry - should be another symptom!
4 Replies
Cassie - November 23

It seems like the re-occuring theme here is worry. All of us sit and worry about the pain, where its coming from, maybe if you have something else and how the hell we can get rid of it. I do the exact same thing. If stress makes this disease worse then we need to find a way to find these answers. How can we demand that the medical establishments in this country start recognizing this condition and have some sort of checklist guidlines to test and eliminate all possible disorders, diseases and spinal or bone conditions to rule out everything. AND how to treat Fibro sufferers with kindness and an open mind. Do any of your drs do this?? I would pay any amount of bills just to find some closure.
They say anxiety and depression are symptoms of fibromyalgia and I just thought how the heck could they not be. I sit and worry and worry and worry about what is causing this terrible pain and then when i try to find answers or a way out of this it seems like the drs who do try to help at first don't want to do all the tests and just lable the problems under the fibro which we don't know what it is either and there is no hope for curing. I'm right back to where I was in the first place and That is depressing!!
The drs see us for maybe half an hour but they do not see how this disease is affecting the whole rest of our lives. I think because this is a primarily womans disease we need to really stand up for ourselves and demand that they start doing more research and get doctors educated. If we don't have doctors where else do we turn?
I am going to start searching around on the net and see what I can come up with as far as resources to get my opinion heard. I hate to sit and read all of your stories and know that its only other fibro sufferers reading it who can't even help themselves..
If anyone else is completely frustrated like I am post below and lets try to find some answers.


Cassie - November 20

is a great link to write to your elected officials.. I am going to do this.


Joni - November 20

Cassie, you have good thoughts/ideas. I am frustrated too. I wrote Oprah for help, with no answer. We do need public awareness on fibromyalgia as well as Dr.'s being educated. Good luck with this. I hope we can get more help...


Jean - November 21

Yes, we need awarenes as I have said before.


Cassie - November 23

I wrote to the Illinois Health Department about my situation I am still waiting to see what they have to say about it. I will let you all know. I am not going to give up yet. Even if I just write once a week maybe I will be heard. I am doing more good for you guys that way than just sitting here reading and simpathizing because it doesn't seem like there are any doctors responding to these messages. Are there? Just gotta keep trying I guess. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!



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