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Fibromyalgia Symptoms?
3 Replies
Hannah - August 8

My symptoms are; dizzy/spacey feelings, internal tremors,external upper body and head tremor, muscle spasms in back/neck,sometimes pain on swallowing, IBS,muscle twitching, buzzing sensations in my back,anxiety,jaw spasms,at times, leg weakness,multiple chemical/drug sensitivities, muscles that spasm with minor movement,.reaction to changes in weather,and increase in symptoms with stress.I'm being sent to a 'movement disorder specialist for the symptoms and the 'external tremor'. I haven't had a definative diagnosis in 9 years,..not sure anymore what's wrong with me. Does anyone else have these symptoms?


Rebecca - August 4

I've had dizziness, leg pain, muscle spasms, headaches and light sensitivity. I had a normal MRI 6 months ago whenmy symptoms worsened. I'm pretty sure it's fibro, but it's hard to find a doc around here to diagnose it.


Hannah - August 4

Unfortunately, MRI's are not 'normal'. I have 4 herniated discs; two in my cervical spine and two in my lumbar spine,,..according to the neurologist; " rather impressive cervical spinal stenosis". I forgot to mention earlier, that I've had night sweats since in my
late teens,...I'm 51 now.[ugh]. I've also had light sensitivity and sound sensitivity for about 9 years. All this came on after two surgeries 9 years ago; one for breast cancer,..and the 2nd for a 'lump in my thyroid' that turned out to be an adenoma. [benign]. My thyroid has been tested @ nauseum,.....[it's a low normal],...and I've been tested for lupus and other 'connective tissue diseases' and they have pretty much been 'ruled out'. I know.//Rebecca that it's hard to find a Doc. to 'diagnose' our maladies,.....but I'm sure there's 'someone out there' that can. I think that we just have to follow that path till we find one that does. Best of luck to you and best wishses to find a treatment and feel better! My prayers are with you,.......thanks for answering my post,'s much appreciated. PS;,...I've been thru so many diagnosis' ,..and I'm sure as heck not a doctor,...but it sounds like Fibromyalgia to me. Seems like your diagnosis should be 'cut and dry',........mine apparently isn't. I'm confident that you will find the doctor that you need,......your will seems strong,...don't give up the pursuit.
Best wishes,


JJ - August 8

Your symptoms sound like they could be FMS. I would look into the thyroid issues again. What is considered a low "normal" for some people may not be "normal" to you. Have you seen an endocrinolgist for the thyroid issues?



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