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Fibromyalgia sufferers. Would this interest you?
6 Replies
Impreza_wrcsti - January 16

Hi all.

First time of writting here however been a member of a Norwegian Fibromyalgia site for a while. Decided to post here as I am english and its alot easier to express myself in english.

I am curious if those with Fibromyalgia would be interested in something that I have invented. I myself have been using it for over two years and my sleep quality has improved and pain decreased. Its a specially designed mattress. I have sent the idea to an American company who came back with extremely positive feedback. I was 2 points away from them taking on the invention which was annoying however it showed me that I have designed a decent product.

So all I need to know is whether you would consider purchasing something like a mattress for no more than £130 after it receives positive reviews? I really dont want to spend what little money I have advancing with this idea if its not something that us with Fibromyalgia would consider in the first place.

Thank you so very much in advance for your input!



Fantod - January 16

John - Sorry, but this site is intended for support only. We would prefer that you do not attempt to recommend and/or sell something on this site. Thank you.


Impreza_wrcsti - January 16

Hi there.

I have explained that I am not here to recommend or sell anything. Its a general enquiry to see if us with Fibromyalgian would be interested in such a product to help our daily lives....


Impreza_wrcsti - January 16

Fantod, let me explain. I meant to add this at the end but didnt. I had on one other site but not here. My appologies...

"P.S. I am not here to sell. No links will be posted (mainly because nothing is made anyway) All I am asking is for information before I ask my wife to bet alot on me... "


kvc33 - January 17

No, I wouldn't be interested, sorry.


Impreza_wrcsti - January 17

Kvc33 dont be sorry. That's the point of asking others with fibromyalgia. Thanks for you input.


axxie - January 17

Impreza_wrcsti, Thank you for having such a keen interest.

If you wanted to help us, you are welcome to share with us your invention. Some may respond favourably to trying out your invention, but it would have to be, a suggestion of how we can improve and adapt our beds.

I for one would love to try a new approach to how my bed responds in the way I sleep. At the moment, I have a 'sleep by number bed' and I have adapted it and put different foam to make it more comfortable for me.

1 Euro = 1.31382826 Canadian or US dollars, it's a very expensive proposition.

Thank you for your keen interest, maybe you can let us all in on how we can adapt our beds, to make it more comfortable for us.



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