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jrzgirl - February 4

does having Fibro.always make it hurt if someone touches you? I am losing my mind as to what the heck I really have, I have a "Buffet" of symptoms and I need to say that I am getting really tired, I just either want to know what causes the cold, freezing feet, toes and hands, and my body to hurt all over.
I am so depressed, I just want to give up


Fantod - February 4

Hello jrzgirl - Being sensitive to touch is called "Allydonia." I have it and it is one of the "perks" of Fibromyalgia. If you look in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page under "Associated Conditions" you will find a description. Mine varies from day to day. Last week my bra felt like I was wearing barbed wire. There are days when I am really uncomfortable wearing clothes. This week things are tolerable. As much as I like them, hugs can be very painful too.

The cold feet, toes and hands are probably Raynauds which is also described under "Associated Conditions." This condition can also associated with Fibromyalgia.

Once again, I want to urge you to go to Emergency. It has been clear to all of us since you first posted that waiting until March 5th is not an option. You need medical help and you need it now. Call a friend and have them take you right away. Don't give up hope - practically everyone of us has had bad experiences with uncaring or judgmental doctors. You will find someone to listen to you and provide good care. Take care.


ptalana - February 5

Hi jrzgirl, we all can relate to your frustration with getting a definitive diagnosis. I also suffer from the effects of Allodynia. I can no longer wear a bra with straps, and can't stand to wear socks. The weight of my duvet on my legs and the tops of my feet is unbearable.
As far as uncaring and judgemental doctors, I've had more than my share of these. Don't give up there are good fibro doctors out there. Is there a fibro support group in your area? If so I would attend a meeting you can often get the names of doctors from other sufferers at these meetings, I know that's how I got connected with my rheumy. They can also provide you with a wealth of info, not to mention some much needed support.
Remember we are always here for you.
Sending you gentle hugs, Patty



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