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fibromyalgia pain
10 Replies
debra - March 23

is there any topical rubs for fms?.


Suffering - February 10

I have used Aspercreme depending on the level of my pain.


Debra fibromyalgia pain - February 10

Hi suffering thanks so much for your reply.I have not tried the aspercream yet,but i will.Have you tried the 024fibromyalgia oil spray?you can buy it at many drug stores&natural stores as well.It works but only if your not allergic to peppermint. Good luck. sincerly Debra


Suffering - February 10

I've never heard of 024 but I will look for it the next time I am in the store. I have had a lot of luck with the Aspercreme though. It has aloe in it and it does not smell nor is it greasy.


Debra Fibromyalgia - February 11

Hi suffering thanks again.The 024 is very strong in scent,but 20 minutes after you put it on you can wash you skin to remove the scent.But only after 20 minutes because it has to penatrate the skin.I will try the Aspercreme as soon as i can go out to buy it. sincerly Debra PS. Where in the states do you live?.


Suffering - February 11

I am in FL thank goodness I have no idea how I would handle the cold even in the house at 77 degrees I am freezing, and we all know how damp cold weather makes us feel,, where are you from?


Elizabeth - February 13

I live in Canada and we have a product called MuscleMist that is simply fantastic. It is a spray developed by a lady who has FMS and I cahn't live without it. It does smell, as it has eucalyptus pepperment and clove oils in it but it is instant relief. I can give you the name of the supplier in Winnipeg if anyone is interested. She would know if it is shipped to any spots in the States. They also have a bath soak that is supposed to be quite good. I haven't had a chance to try it yet though,


Patti Ann - March 6

Hi, I just read the recent postings on this website - I had not tried either of the 024 or MuscleMist - I am most excited to try them. I live in Oregon and the barometric pressure changes and the wet weather are causing me an enormous amount of pain. I need to stay here for my job for the next few years so was really happy to hear about a new product that I can try. Any other tips on feeling better - pass them on! Thanks again


Elizabeth - March 9

Hi Patti Ann. The company in Winnipeg, Mb. Canada that manufactures the product Muscle Mist is called Country Connections and they could tell you if anybody in your neck of the woods carries their product. Their phone number is (204) 338-3118. I hope you can get it near you. Perhaps they would send it to you by mail. It really is wonderful!


wendy - March 22

Hi Patti Ann

I also live in Oregon. Oregon city. Do you live in the Portland area. If so i was wondering if you have a good doctor who is treating you for FM. I don't know weather I have this or not and am looking for someone to help me. Thanks


Sara - March 23

Hi ~ Wendy and Patti, I live in the area also and find the climate to be a major issue every winter. The cold damp weather is awful for FMS. I just heard about the 024 topical, I have something just like it from my naturalpath it's chinnese small red box called ZHENG GU SHUI analegesic lotion. I've gone back and forth from natural remedies to traditional Rx used to treat our symptoms. There's a great place called MING'S on 82nd in Portland, she does an excellent job on treating many things I plan on giving her a try next week. I'm also looking forward to trying the Lyrica drug. Additionally acupuncture helped alot. We do what we can.



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