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Fibromyalgia or Not?
6 Replies
Kathy - November 27

All I did was carry one light bag or groceries from the car, in the elevator, and to my clients apartment. The next evening I was in the ER because of severe pain in elbow. Diagnosis: tendonitis. I have sore spots to the touch in most of my joints, most of the time. My family physician is almost positive it is Fibromyalgia and is sending me to Specialists. I am also tired a lot. What do you think?


tonyab1838 - October 25

Kathy, mine started out in my left elbow and spread from there. My elbows are the most tender spots on my body. I was also told tendonitis, Golfer's Elbow and even Tennis Elbow. I would write down all of your problems, keep a journal. It really does help, I found that out after going to 10 Dr's. Just don't take that diagnosis if you are feeling pain be aggressive about what you feel. Let me know what you find out. Take care and God bless!!


TonyaB1838 - October 25

My problem actually started more than a few years ago, with severe pain in mostly my left hip. And the most tender spot is my left hip. I will keep you posted as to what I find out. Thank you and God bless you also. Kathy


Kathy - October 25

Previous answer back to TonyaB1838. I put the wrong name in the yellow box.


Jean - November 1

Let your doctor work at it and see a rheumatologist to rule out other factors such as RA osteo thins like that.


Kathy - November 27

To tonya1838 & Jean: I went to a Rheamatologists this past week. And the diagnosis is: Fibromyalgia.


Jean - November 27

Hi Kathy: Next, learn all you can about this condition and stay on top of it. You'll have to work at it every day. Stretching is very good to help you keep flexable. Keep a diary of you condition of pain and what you were doing. This could come in handy at a later date and also help your doctor put you on the right meds. Good Luck and lots of hugs.



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