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Fibromyalgia is totally beatable
117 Replies
TonyS. - January 17

Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know I beat my fibromyalgia completely. Its just a name.....that is all. There is no medical or scientific definition on why or how it is, and that is exactly how you should look at it.

Look at it as nothing, because it isnt.

Email me, and Ill tell you how I beat mine. You need to be prepared for lots of raw foods, and absolutely no meat, dairy, processed foods, or anything of that nature. You will not be able to eat any cooked food for atleast 90 days, as well. Be ready for lots of salads with 20+ ingredients. You will drink nothing but water and fresh juices during that time, as well. (you need a juicer, and be able to get to the store for fresh fruit, and veggies)

This is real, and its all you need to beat this condition for good.



JoniB - January 17

What works for you may not work for everyone. I will not consider my fibromyalgia as "nothing." It has robbed me of so much and I have had to make so many adjustments in my life as well as acceptance. It is a big deal for those suffering from all the symptoms including chronic pain, fibro fog and fatigue! If your diet was a cure all, why don't the Dr.'s know about it? I'm glad it workes for you. Getting to the store frequently for fresh fruit & veggies would be difficult as well as spending time washing and preparing 20+ ingredients for a meal! I can't imagine not eating hot/cooked food for 90 days especially during the cold winter months. Adding more fruits and veggies to a diet and eating healthier is a good idea. I have read from a different website that eating tomatoes or citrus is bad for fibro. Anyone considering this diet or any other should check with their Dr. first and about having the proper vitamins/nutrients that are needed. Sorry Anthony, but I believe that having professional skepticism is a good thing.


TonyS. - January 17

Im so glad you said check with a doctor. My question to you is, why would you check with a doctor? They will not help, in any form. They have no way.

Do you want to beat this? Then you make it to the store. You find ways to beat it. If you want to be sick, then do it. You are ill informed, on so many levels, that you will never beat this disease, in your mindset.

Im looking for people who want to beat this. VITAMIN LEVELS WILL BE HIGHER THAN YOU HAVE HAD YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Do NOT listen to naysayer, doctor lovers.

Email me, and Ill give you my personal phone, so we can talk. And, yes. What worked for me WILL work for everyone. Everyone. Its been proven.


TonyS. - January 17

This is not a "diet", by the way. Diets are for the weak, and unable. This is a way of life, period.

This is why I said what is expected of you, in my very first post.

Your "professionalism" matters none. As a matter of fact, medicinal training of any kind has no place here.


JoniB - January 17

diet [ˈdaiət] noun

food, especially a course of recommended foods, for losing weight or as treatment for an illness etc.

I must say that I disagree with you on many levels.

It is a diet! Also, if we are to cut out dairy, etc., we still need vitamin D and calcium. In fact many with fibro have low levels of vit. D. My Dr. recommends 1,000 IU per day for me and calcium helps it to absorb. Some need more iron or B vitamins. Checking with a Dr. first is not only necessary but wise! I am NOT ill informed. I have done research on this illness/disorder (not a disease) for over a decade and will continue. I pray for more awareness and advancement in the medical technology field to beat this disorder, or at least for better control of it. You don’t know me; my mindset or that I do want to be better. You are pushing your Diet onto others that may not be right for everyone. I am an optimistic person overall but when someone comes on here to play “God” with a cure all, it is better to gather all the facts that will be safe for the individual. If this Diet is proven, please show me where I can read this information besides what your beliefs are. Being “professional” about research for fibromyalgia does matter. Do not take advice that could possibly be more harmful than good. Do the research. Continue to have hope/faith for wellness, but be leery (skeptic) of the “cure all” for this disorder! Medicinal training should Not be overlooked! Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


TonyS. - January 17

Ive done all the research possible. This condition will not be cured by doctors, or drugs, ever. Sorry to say it.

Again, its not a diet. Diets come with the assumption that you will eventually sway from them, and go back to doing the things you did before.

Yes, it will work everyone. By the way vitamin D in milk is not absorbed well by the body. If you are going to drink milk, it has to be organic, and unpasteurized/homogenized. In the 1800's there was a "milk diet" that helped people beat arthritis, and other diseases. This was raw, unprocessed milk. It didn't work 100%, because the other components were not there. If we were all getting so much calcium from milk, then why do we get osteoporosis? My grandmother has it, and she drinks milk everyday of her life. Your body has no calcium, so it starts taking it from your bones.....this is osteoporosis.

You are heading in the wrong direction by praying for a cure. Im all for praying, but not for cures in a pill form. There won't be one. MD's know medicine, not nutrition and true health. They prescribe drugs to treat symptoms, not cure diseases.

I know this is big for people with this condition. I HAD IT FOR 5 YEARS.

Im not "pushing" anything. Do you want to beat this, yes or no? Its understandable that there is skepticism, because we were taught to run to doctors when we're ill. You are breaking a lifelong habit, in more ways than one.

You don't have to listen to me. Again, Im looking for individuals who want to learn how to beat fibro.

In the very least, you need to buy "Achieving great health", by bob macauley.

Im not doing this for any other reason but to help you guys out.


Debra4Real - January 18

Hello: What a great topic..I think that anything to the extreme can be very hard on you and if you are going to make any changes you need to take it one step at a time..Fibromyalgia has taken the qualitly of my life away from me and many others out here..Its not that easy to just jump ahead full force when you cannot even get out of bed..But, you can try to atleast change your diet so that youre not eating to much sugar and fats.Eat more fruits and veggies if you cannot eat them raw then lightly steam them..I drink rice milk and find that its not that bad once you get use to it..I still will have my muchies but i have learned to cut down on them and let me tell you that was really hard to do..When your in so much pain it seems that we turn to the wrong food for comfort but then suffer more after feeling quilty for it and sad when we hit the scales..Then our weight becomes more of an issue and our body hurts more and more because of the extra pounds and bad choices of food...When i eat something thats bad for me i feel so good at that moment with a smile on my face..After that i feel like hell and know that i will pay for it and i have..We all want to live a healthy and happy life but it takes allot of willpower and strenght to push to get through this horrible dark cloud..Good support is key but when you dont have someone to help you get motivated when your so ill all the time then its really hard to do alone..No one should push you to anything ..Your friends and family should help you with your choices if your not strong enough to do it youre self..Its o.k. to be you and affaid of change...I really think that all of you here are very brave and you not your doctor or anyone else knows whats best for you and your health..This is not a one size fits all because we are all different but we all are suffering and need to keep on going until we find what helps us best to make it through..Do something everyday to make you smile no matter what it is because you deserve so much for all the pain and suffering that you go through every day..Take care of you because you are and will always be no#1....One day at a time and one step at a time and you will make it and feel like your self once again.Good luck to all of you whatever your choices are...keep strong...Lov Deb


TonyS. - January 18

You said it deb. I relies on the person, and their ability. But, you can change. Everyone can change. Its ok to be skeptical, and afraid, it almost seems to be human nature to be scared, but you don't have to be. And yes, you cannot simply change everything overnight. I had severe dextoxification symptoms when I switched my diet over quickly, and went from a bad diet, to a perfect diet.

I got rashes, felt weaker than ever, was always thirsty, and had slight vertigo some days. These were good things, and that is how I looked at it. It meant my body was kicking out everything it didn't want, and I was finally allowing it to heal.

I would stop eating red meat, fish, and chicken asap. Id stay away from everything white as well. White breads, processed sugars, white rice, milk, etc.

Get your family/friends/neighbors to go to the store for you. You'll only have to go 1-2 times a week, depending on how much you eat. Have them stock you up on fruits/veggies, and everything has be fresh. You can premake salads, and put them all in seperate containers, so they are ready. You can have someone do that for you to, 1-2 times a week. You need sprouts. I can't stress that enough. It is work sprouting them, but they are 20-50 times stronger in the vitamins/enzymes, than thier full grown counterparts. Stick with "superfoods" (do a google search) and sprout things like broccoli, alfalfa, mung beans, sunflower seeds, wheatgrass.. Sprouts are very strong, no matter the seed. You need 1-2 gallons of water a day. Forget about soft drinks, alcohol, canned/bottled juices. I would buy a masticating juicer as soon as you can. I have an omega 8003. You should try to get a liter of fresh juice a day. Try to make most of it carrot, and incorporating apples/pears/oranges makes it less intense. Finally, you need organic spirulina and chlorella. Its the superfood of all superfoods, and has the highest concentration of vitamins/minerals/enzymes of any plant known, currently. Use baby steps as motivation, and as you feel better, do more. You arent going to get better overnight, which is what deters most people, I think. Be patient, eat living foods, and let your body heal. Try to incorporate relaxation and deep breathing exercises. You can do google searches and find techniques for these. To quote shakespeare, "What wound did ever heal but by gentle degrees?" Give it time, and know you are doing the right thing.


TonyS. - January 18

Read this article. I know, I know, its about cancer., but all the properties of the article are there, for every condition. Move away from doctors and pharmaceuticals, and toward whats real. I especially like his comments on the fact that hospitals serve cancer causing foods, instead of cancer fighting foods. So true.


JJ1 - January 20

My niece was a vegan, no meat or dairy or egg or anything from an animal (but she would wear leather and cotton, go figure). She was careful to get essential nutrients while on this diet (and yes, what you eat is your "DIET", so yes, TonyS, you are suggesting a diet). My niece saw no miraculous health changes, got just as sick as the next person, and ended up going back to a vegetarian diet that allows animal products and now will even eat meat. She looks and feels much healthier than she ever did on the vegan diet. To each his own, but on such drastic diets that eliminate essential food groups, special care must be taken to ensure proper nutrition. Your diet becomes your life.


lmb2 - January 20

I totally agree w/ JoniB here... tony you are right that doctor's can't "cure" fibro though, because there is no cure, only treatments. If the DIET worked for you, then you were probably MISDIAGNOSED as having fibro in the first place.... i don't believe it for a second LOL...
Fibro is definitely not nothing, and if you really think that, then again, you never had fibro in the first place because a real sufferer knows how REAL it is!!
your diet is ridiculous and would deprive ppl of so many much needed nutrients.....


skidoo - January 20

Tony, I hope your disdain for the medical community doesn't come back and bite you one day. Like when you really need a doctor. Good luck.


TonyS. - January 21

What nutrients would it deprive you of? Why is it so ridculous? You laugh as this is a joke, but if you were truly sick, youd be looking for all options. Food groups, as you know them, are a joke. Leave it at that.You need to know nutrition, and how your body is using the things you put into it. You don't need red meat, or milk, or anything from either of these. Where are all these "nutrients" coming from on a cooked food, processed diet, and how are you getting them, in the real quantities you need? You need 30,000IU of Beta-carotene a day. Where are you getting this from?

If you are going to claim that its missing nutrients, and not healthy, you need to be able to back that up. Your body will be introduced to vitamins/minerals thats its never even seen before.

The fact is, there are only a few things that can make the human body ill. Bacteria, viruses, an acidic environment in the body (low ph), a lack of certain vitamins, a mixture of those, etc. Genetics doesn't play a part, and you aren't sick by "chance". You don't have fibro by mistake, or by a "luck of the draw". Again, im sorry. But it doesnt work like that.

Your daily diet, and a diet, are two different things, as you know them. You guys go on "diets", I don't. I eat perfectly, and have had multiple tests done to prove my vitamin/mineral/essential acids are ok, because I was worried about the same thing, in the beginning. Not only are they ok, they are off the charts.

Why do (good) oncologists take cancer patients off of red meat, pork, and dairy, when they have cancer? Because it spikes certain proteins, and feeds the disease. Imagine what its doing to you, when you are "healthy". Its creating an acidic environment, that allows disease to thrive, and gives it every opportunity to do so.

Im still more than open for emails for anyone else who wants to know how to be healthy, btw.

I don't hate the medical community. They have a place. Things like stopping bleeding and closing up wounds, things of that nature. Your body can take care of the rest, if allowed.

As far as a "vegetarian diet" goes, if you are heating your foods above 105 degrees, (every cooking form does this) you are removing ALL enzymes, and a good chuck of the vitamins and minerals. The parts you havent destroyed by heating, are unstable, and your body has a very hard time trying to digest, and use them properly. Your body reacts to these cooked meals, as if it were under attack by a virus or bacteria, and your immune system releases white blood cells in massive amounts, trying to combat what it thinks is an outside invader. Thats digestive leukocytosis, and you should be very concerned with it. It puts major strain on your entire system, and happens everytime you eat a cooked meal, no matter if its VEGGIES OR NOT.

Guess what? Raw foods, in their natural state, do not cause this. Your body loves them, and knows exactly what to do with them, effortlessly. The strain on your immune system is lifted, and you're allowing it to worry about other things, including getting rid of builtup toxins and viruses, and stabilizing your bodies ph.

WHY DONT DOCTORS TELL YOU THAT? I could go on forever here, but again, im looking for people who want to help themselves. These individuals have already made up thier mind.


lmb2 - January 21

haha ok.......
i do not have fibromyalgia because of what i eat.... i developed it after a horrible fall down the stairs where i injured my back/shoulder and it triggered it... and a lot of people get it after things like car accidents and stuff. there are a lot of things that can cause/trigger it.. and there are not only 3 things that can make a person ill. you keep referring to cancer, but ummmm cancer is not caused by bacteria, virus or low ph, so.......
"leave it at that" lol...
also you say we should be concerned about digestive leukocytosis, but that was a study done by a scientist in the 1920's. much more recent scientists have tried to prove his theory with NO luck and have found that it was probably the findings of an experimental error. here is a website on it
. It also goes on to say that tests done now (with having more knowledge about the immune system and better technology than they did in the 1920's) show that as long as we eat some raw foods along with our cooked foods, our blood formula is not changed. also, raw food advocates ask others to prove the theory wrong, but when asked to prove it right, they have no evidence. i find this funny :)
my point is, there is no miracle cure and our diet is not what is causing us to have fibromyalgia. I'm glad that this diet made you feel better , but it is not a cure!!!!


TonyS. - January 21

This has nothing to do with "blood formula". Blood/urine ph is not body ph. Cancers are caused by what you have done to your body yourself. Things like chemicals from air, can be removed by your body.

Fibro is simply things you have done to yourself. Like every other disease.

Keep being sick. Keep putting names on things, and trying to find cures for them, that you'll never find.

The raw food community does not have billions of dollars to prove things, to people who have no idea what health really is. We know its true, because we've CURED OURSELVES. Keep paying your doctors bills, and health insurance, so they can keep searching for things that dont exist.


lmb2 - January 21

Oh my goodness... are you seriously that ignorant?? Now i'm upset.. how can you say that Cancer is something that people have done to their own bodies!! in the case of lung cancer, it possibly is, but other than that, that is such a crock of crap! what about babies who get cancer?? what if you get cancer one day? won't have much to say then would you? people do not give themselves cancer, especially the poor children. same goes for fibro.... i did not do anything to myself to cause this except where a big fluffy pair of slippers that made me fall down the stairs (still hate those slippers).... anyway, now your comments and opinions are getting very rude and completely uncalled for!


TonyS. - January 21

You know what is laughable though. The fact that one person can have fibro from an accident, and the exact same thing can happen out of nowhere. They've explained nothing, and move further away from ridding the body of its issues. Chronic pain. Thanks. Its a double edged sword. They ask for answers, and I do too.



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