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fibromyalgia is there a cure
6 Replies
SHAZ - October 20



Jean - October 18

Haven't heard of it. Can you direct me to a site where you found out about this?


shaz - October 18



Jean - October 19

Hi Shaz. I went to the web site and it does have very good information available and I know this concerns people from all over the world. Fibromyalgia has become a very big money market and everyone wants on it. For the people experiencing these dibilitating symptoms they of course want to be rid of this disease. However, respectfully there has been not one doctor say that it is curable. It is and can be lessened in its symptoms by diet, exercise, medication if needed, and their full willingness to stay to the life changing roles they have to play in order to continue on the upward path of feeling better. It is up to the person how he/she can get educated in this disease and go forth to better healing and that is done by our and your medical teams, support groups, and many knowleable people as yourself to help get people back on track. I thank you for this information and hopefully we can get this Fibromyalgia to the awareness of the many proffessionals working on this matter.


SHAZ - October 19

HI Jean Thanks for your reply. I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard an interesting segment regarding trials being done with treating sardoidosis and other TH1 autoimmune diseases with antibiotics. They believe that they are caused BY A bacterial infection. you can get more info by looking up MARSHALLPROTOCOL.COM It certainly looks very promising.


Jean - October 20

Hi Shaz: I'm not sure about this one it seems to me another clean out your body response. It is true that bacteria does cause ulcers which it was not long ago that it was discovered. However, giving your body more antibiotics isn't good either because it can just make the germs mutate and needing stronger antibiotics to kill the germs that invade our bodies. I think this has nothing to do with Fibromyalgia because I believe it is a central nervous system problem and a autoimmune disease and this is caused by our own bodies defence mechanisms turning on it's own tissues. Hey I just found another site need to read this will get back to you


Jean - October 20

Hi Shaz: I got into another site about this sardoidosis and it seems to study the lungs although it does bring in the lymph glands systemic lupus and Parkinson's. all these have inflamatory properties in which case Fibromuyalgia does not. It is interesting information and should be looked at closer for these other diseases. just type in sardoidosis in your search engine and see what interesting tidbits you might pick up. It's something to think about. Let me know.



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