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Fibromyalgia is not Lyme disease
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kvc33 - February 18

Although the symptoms may be similiar, fibromyalgia is not Lyme disease. The two are seperate conditions. I have never been bitten by a tick nor have I ever even seen one. In the region in which I live, ticks are uncommon and only 1% of them carry lyme, yet fibromyalgia and CFIDS are prevalent where I live. From what I have read, if Lyme is treated soon after a tick bite the prognosis is good. However, left untreated for years, antibiotic therapy is quite ineffective for most people (and costly). I know two people with Fibro/CFIDS who tried using long term antibiotics just to see if it would help them. It didn't. Long term use of antibiotics is also not good for the immune system so undergoing this type of treatment shouldn't be taken lightly. Sometimes CFIDS turns out to be a hidden cancer or sleep apnea. I have known two people for which this was the case. I felt that I must write this because someone on this forum is pushing the theory that fibromyalgia is Lyme disease which I find irresponsible and annoying. Certainly it may turn out to be the case for some people and there is no harm in becoming educated about it, but in my experience a treatment that helps one person often makes another worse. Therefore, telling someone that fibromyalgia doesn't exist and that it is actually lyme disease is rude and irresponsible. Let's share our experiences with each other but not pretend to be doctors and tell others what to do.


axxie - February 20

When my fibro started, and didn't know what was happening and coming from Texas, I asked my doctor to test me. No I didn't have lyme, after wards I did meet someone who was being treated for lyme all I can say is, I'd rather have fibro over lyme disease.

I have fibro and have more good days then when I was first diagnosed. You have to move, you have to get up and do things and you have to make changes to what you eat and drink.

Follow your doctor's orders and stop taking way too much pain killers (they help in the short term, but will not treat you for a lifetime of wellbeing). They are merely a band aid solution. Instead, spend your money on books with alternative way of eating and go see a team of others who will compliment your doctors order. See a chiro, physio, alternative medecine, that may help you. One other word of advice, don't aleays think it's fibro and don't always think of the worse and do some stretching and eat right.



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