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Fibromyalgia is a state of mind.
22 Replies
Jeanette - September 21

Hi there, at my husbands works do, I met a GP who told me that fibromyalgia is a state of mind not a condition. I have created a poll on - mom jenna, if you would like to add you opinons/vote. Please keep it clean- my reply was if only it was that simipl I wouldn't be suffering this debilitating condition. One lady suffer, offered to de-ball him and to wear them as earings at her next fibromyalgia meeting which made me laugh. Please take time to vote, I would love to get back to him. Jen


Beverly - September 9

What on earth is his thinking, or does he have any. I'm in so much pain every day I can hardly function. If he doesn't have Fibro how could he possibly have anything to say on the subject. I pray I will never run into him as I would call him the (donkey) that he truly is. I'd order the earrings in a heartbeat. Now wasn't that nice?


Julie - September 10

Hi Jeanette, I happen to believe that he majority of chronic physical pains are the result of a condition in the muscle and nerve tissues that is induced by inner tension. it's accepted that emotional stress can increase existing back pain, cause an ulcer or intensify a headache, your thoughts and emotions, including your repressed emotions can cause physical pain symptoms, a physiological change that has been induced by psychological factors. this activity is occurring at the subconscious level, meaning below your awareness. The symptoms are induced by a person's feelings, mental activity, personality and their subconcious state. Emotions and mental activity that generate physical pain are fear, anger, guilt, worry, resentment, judging and jealousy. the medical community is on it's way to validating a "cancer type personality" for those prone to it. why not one for FM? I have fibromyalgia, but I AM FIGHTING IT TOOTH & NAIL! I have tried every pill, body-work, herb... yadda yadda..... nothing has brought me the amount of pain relief I have received by going inside & reading everything I can about mindbody & stress-induced syndromes. people with 'symptoms' become people with 'syndromes'. I know many ladies like the one you describe saying she would cut off the guys balls for saying this. those women who have been sick forever are very locked in to that "victim role" and will defend it vehemently.... to the death. it becomes their identity. I hope to NEVER be that way.


Julie - September 10

If anyone is interested the books: FREEDOM FROM FIBROMYALGIA by Dr. Nancy Selfridge or PAIN FREE FOR LIFE by Dr. Scott Brady, are agreta place to start. HERE'S TO LIFE!!!!


Julie - September 10

Can you please post the link to your poll? I would be interested to see the results. In a hundred years these mindbody syndromes will be obselete. the ridiculous idea that our minds & bodies are separate will not last much longer. soon doctors may actually find a way to help patients RESOLVE their chronic pain instead of just MANAGE it. the times are a changin' (thank god!) good post! :)


jenamey - September 10

Hi Juie, would any one choose though to live with fibromyalgia and do apprecate you need a positive frame of mind to deal with it and also understand that the power of the mind and the effects on the body, but is that enough to say that this condition is of the mind and if it is why aren't suffers sent to a phycologist for help, instead of being told to exercise and are issued painkiller/antidepressents? I know I receive help for the mind side of things, but it doesn't help with the pain and I would give those up in a heart beat - I would love to get back to normal. Jen


Julie - September 10

I AM NOT SAYING THE PAIN IS IN YOUR MIND!!!!! the pain is very real & causes by all sorts of endocrine & autonomic malfunctions in our body, but.... they are INDUCED BY REPRESSED FEELINGS that cause the symptoms. most of us who have Fibro are "givers" and do everything for everyone else at our own peril. It is way too much to describe here, get one of the books I mentioned from the library, what do you have to lose? I CANNOT understand why this is such a defensive topic???!!! don't we all just want to help each other get well? you asked why doctors don't refer people to psychologists? THIS IS WHY!!! people FREAK out if they are told that their symptoms could be somatic... they take it as an insult..... doctors KNOW that 1/2 the people they see are suffering from somatic complaints (85% of ER visits for chest pain are not necessary!) but they KNOW they cannot say this.... so maybe they will mention ... STRESS, "you should really slow down" etc... because people will at least consider it when put gently like that... If something doesn't fit into your current scope of understanding isn't it worth it to try something new? this is you LIFE we're talking about people!


Jeanette - September 20

Hi there, the poll at the moment is 80% don't think fribro is controlled by the mind, 10% say yes it is and 10% say they don't know. So far 500 people have responded. Jen.


TERESA - September 20

I've noticed, just form the people on this site ( inculding me ) that most seem to be perfectionist. We are always saying to each other slow down, let somethings go, or don't take on so much. HUMM.....


Virg - September 20

Teresa. Hi- I wondered about that also. the
type A personality, martha stewart syndrome,
I really have to say ok to heck with it I'm not
going to do it. I've just recovered from a most
seriouse case of the cold (got it after helping
other family members get through it) ex: house is tidy but the polishing and some deep
fall cleaning is not done and getting to me. I know that if I keep recuperating that the stuff
I want to do stays on hold I'll have hell to pay
by Xmas because I'll somehow find a time/way
to do it all at once. Sound familiar to anyone
else? Sorry Jeanette I should have started
another question. to your GP, dust is not a
state of mind, we see it we clean it we suffer
our condition.


Julie - September 20

hi guys. the usual personality traits in FMS sufferers are: Having a strong inner drive for success. Being very conscientious. Having a high sense of responsibility. Being a perfectionist. Having a controlling and compulsive personality. Being overly sensitive. hope this helps.


Jean - September 21

Is Fibromyalgia a state of the mind? In some people I would say yes and in others I would say no. It depends on the individual. Fibromyalgia is real no matter how you flip the coin. The trick is to find the way for you to cope with the disease and in order to do that you need to educate yourself, put hard questions to your doctors and learn how much you can do in a day. Newly diagnosed I would say you can't do that much in the day because your body and your mind are in pain. Please note that medication will be offered as a need and regular exercise will be a part of the regimine. What they do not tell you is how much medicine is needed and for how long and how much exercise if any in the beginning is needed or how long one should exercise. You will need to find these answers for yourself because this disease is treated individually. Another trick is to try, and this one is not easy, not to think about the symptoms and just slow down which will slow your stress levels.


Shawna - September 21

Hey Teddy, this post isn't for you. Youv'e gotta have a mind first!


Kim - September 21

I know mine isn't a "state of mind". After my GP gave me every kind of pain killer and anti-depressant because he had no idea how to treat me and nothing work, I took myself off all of the meds. I am now going to a homeopathic doctor/acupuncturist who did extensive testing on my neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones, something my GP would not do. All of them are out of whack. I am also suffering from hypothyroid symptoms although my blood work was fine. The homeopathic doctor told me that my thyroid may be producing the right hormones but because everything else isn't at the right levels, my body is competing with itself. I am now taking vitamins, minerals and natural meds to get everything back to the right levels and Armour Thyroid to help with the hormone functions. I am also on a sugar-free/yeast free diet as I tested positive for yeast overgrowth. All of these things were out of balance and can cause FMS. My GP would not hear anything I had to say about it. I am now off pain meds, have lost 10 pounds, and have more energy to do things. I truly believe that many GPs don't have a clue about this disease or how to treat it and just throw meds at us to shut us up.


Jean - September 21

hi Kim: I am glad to hear someone say exactly what I've learned in these past 5 years. Doctors do not know how to treat this effectively.


TERESA - September 21

Have you ever been to a homeopathic, accupuncturist, chiropractor, etc... where there hasn't been something wierd, obscure, or something you've NEVER heard of wrong with you??? Have you ever had one just say I can find anything wrong & I'm not going to be able to treat you??? I've had MDs'say this but NEVER any of the others!


Anne Hillebrand - September 21

Please share this web site address with your doctor. It tells the how, what and what to do for FMS.



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