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Fibromyalgia Drugs and Perscriptions
5 Replies
james - July 6

Has any one else heard of prednazone or something like that for fibromyalgia, anyone's experience with this would be appreciated.


yellowxtuxedo - December 4

Hi, I've taken something called Prednizone. Its a steroid and it gave me a lot of energy... But! If I was just sitting in class or something, and not needing a bunch of energy- my heart would palpatate, which wasn't good. But that might have been just me, though.


[email protected] - January 27

I have tried just about everything to boost my energy, the one thing that has helped me more than anything is, Whey Protein Powder, you can get it cho/van/flavors. I drink 2 glass's daily, I add 8 oz. powder to each glass. It has helped with energy and attitude and concentration. I dont know if it will help you but it's worth a try...good luck!


Mindy - June 14

Also if you take any kind of steriods like prednisones long term it can also cause you to become diabetic....please be careful with these can do a goggle on this and you will find the info on this.also my grandmother had Pulmonary fibrosis and she was put on prednisone for several months and her doc told her every time she came in they would have to check her blood sugrs well low and behold after 3 months of being on the med she developed type 2 diabeties...please be careful guys


Fjs - June 22

my mom was getting the shots of Prednisones.And after years of getting them her hair started falling out by the hand fulls.She has a wig now she is bolding.So being on that for along time is not good. plus it can cause other problems as well.


Karen - July 6

As far as I know there isn't one medication that really does help fibro. some people like me who have fibro really can't take too much of anything becasue of irritable bowl syndrome which goes along with the fibro. Anyway, the important thing is to keep moving. Excersize deos help some.



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