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26 Replies
jozet70x7 - May 17

hello folks never been here before.
i have been denied disability twice now. but hate to pay an attorny. not that i do not want to pay my just due. but he/she has not earned this i did... so just wondering if anyone around here or knows of someone who has won fibromyalgia disibility on their own.???


JozetteS - May 18

Hi and welcome! I do not have a disablity answer but noticed your login name. Mine is Jozette. Where do you live? It is rare to meet someone with our unique name. Good luck with answers. I am 33 and was diagnosed with Fibro a year ago.


teresat - May 18

Hi jozet70x7 & welcome!! I too am fighting to get disability. I have only just filed but if I am turned down I WILL


teresat - May 18

P.S.... I don't know what I just did!!!! Here is the rest of what I was saying... I WILL get an attorney if I am turned down!!!!! It is your money that you have been paying into ALL OF YOUR WORKING LIFE & you should take whatever measures possibly to GET IT!! Here in MO the attorney can only get up to $2500.00 or 25% of the back pay, whichever is the lowest!! I think that is fair, for me anyway!!


marydema - May 19

I've been turned down twice too & i have a lawyer! I'm 36 years old & worked until 2005. I just could'nt do it anymore. I hope you get it. You will prolly have to get an attorney sooner or later. I hope not, anyone who has this stuff deserves to get diability if you ask me. This is my final step...waiting for a court date. I have to go before a judge & let HIM decide if I can work or not. I wish they could feel how I feel for one week!


dwilmoth - May 21

I have filed for disability too. But I didn't even start w/o an attny. The one I found only takes a % of the back pay. Which I though was fair. I am too fibrofogged to do this on my own. I'd rather win and not have all of what is owed me than to not win at all. It works for me. I'd submit again and again, my mom has a friend that works for SSI and she said they deny EVERYONE the first time. Good luck.


melmel23 - May 26

Hi im guessing most of these responses are from poeple outside the uk? Because i have just bin diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am going to claim for dissability i also have had ongoing mental health issues and am going to be fired from my current job on grounds of incapacity. A dissability organisation told me it is likely i will recieve it. will keep you posted. Good luck to you.


lumper - May 26

Hey teresat, Where in MO do you live? I live in KS very close to the MO line and am looking for a support group. I live in a very small town but I know at least 4 other people in town with FMS and we have discussed starting a group. By the way my brother is an attorney in Kansas City. I don't know if he does any disability stuff though. I have not even been down that road yet. God has blessed me with a job that I can do from home and set my own schedule so hopefully I won't have to. My dad had to go before a judge before he finally got it. It was a mess. Good luck.


JoniB - May 26

If you are approved through Social Security (which about 30% of people are the 1st time, rest have to hire a lawyer & appeal) you can receive disability payments according to your last 10 years of work history if you are applicable. They do not pay you for the first 5 months of not working at all. If you qualify for SSI (type of welfare), then they pay for those 5 months. There are websites that help you by examples of what to & what not to say on applications.This website will help: http://www.4socialsecurit
Once approved then you would be applicable for Medicaid, but I am unsure what those benefits are for sure regarding medications & co-pay. The SS office is very vague on what benefits you may receive. The process to apply online may take you several weeks if you can only sit maybe an hour at a time on here & wait for a time you are mentally alert. Be sure to save frequently when applying online, total number of hours to apply online maybe close to 6 approximately, depending how many Dr.'s & tests you have had regarding this illness/condition. Or you can go into the nearest SS office to apply. Then they will call you for a phone interview (an hour maybe) but usually catch u off guard, arrange another time if necessary. SS will want to know about your personal & financial situation. If you have more than $2,000 in cars or money in bank you won't qualify for SSI (equity in home does not matter though). SS will send more papers for you to sign & mail back. Then they turn it over to a case worker. They may or may not make you see one of their Dr.'s. Longevity of medical history regarding illness will help as well as listing more conditions besides Fibromyalgia. Also, if you decide later to work part-time there are work incentives available. I think you can make up to $800 a month and still receive your disability and Medicaid if approved.? I quit work Dec 2004, am 43 yrs old and have been denied twice. I had to hire a lawyer who will get 25% of back pay, up to $4,300 in Iowa. I will go in front of an administrative law judge June 12. Hopefully with the attorney's help I will win this time. Odds are in your favor with the help of an attorney and they usually do not get paid unless you win. Good luck.


teresat - May 27

Lumper, I live in SW MO, tri-state area close to Joplin. I know of only one support group in the area. It is in Monet. I am not really sure it it still up and running. Where in KS are you?


lumper - May 28

teresat, I am in SEKS, about 25 miles west of Joplin. Maybe we could start a support group closer to home than Monet. Well are you closer to Monet or Joplin? I have a friend in Joplin who has FMS. I bet she would be interested in a support group as well.


Lori H - May 29

Hi. I filed almost a year ago for disability and was turned down. At that point I hired a lawyer and he has been handling my appeal, for which I'm very thankful. He had all kinds of helpful advice and has talked to numerous people and my doctors to make it clear that I need the SSI.

Almost any disability attorney will handle your case for a percentage of the back-wages you would get should you eventually win. I think this is completely fair, since if he doesn't help you win, neither of you will get anything. He is essentially going to get a percentage of money you probably wouldn't have won without him, so if I win I won't begrudge him a percentage - it will be a windfall for me anyway!


Lori H - May 29

Almost any disability attorney will help with an appeal for a portion of the back pay if you win, and will take nothing if you lose.

This is pretty fair, since you wouldn't be getting the back pay unless you won anyway, so if I win (we're in the appeals process now), I won't begrudge my attorney anything.

You will be surprised by how helpful having an attorney is - disability specialists know so much that we don't!


JoniB - June 16

I had my hearing for SSD on June 12. It was done by video teleconference. My attorney & I were in Fort Dodge. The administrative law judge & vocational expert were in Des Moines. I was so nervous & high anxiety. It took about 1 hr. Then when my attorney was cross examining the vocational expert, the judge said we are out of time & would need to reschedule! So it is still not over for me! My attorney has requested a telephone conference now to finish his cross examination. The vocational expert said I could to clerical work like photo copying or I could be a courier. There is no way I could work 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week in my condition. It has now been almost 2 yrs since I first applied and 2 1/2 yrs since I quit work. I hope and pray the disability will go through this time! It may take a few more months before I find out.


rhyannonkyle - June 21

Check out allsup. They are a company that specializes in disability cases. They are not lawyers, but skilled representatives. They, too, work for a %-age of your back payment; their win rate, according to them, is near 100%. They are handling my case, and though it is still in early stages, I find them extremely competent and compassionate. I think their URL is Check out their site; my name is Kyleen Jiannine and I would be glad to share my dealings with the forum if it would help. I am too fatigued, and fibrofogged to stay on top of the details; they do it for me, and they do it well. Good luck


JoniB - September 4

My attorney sent me a letter saying I should be up soon for the rescheduling to finish my hearing. This process takes a LONG time. I believe that you need to be off work ( or plan to be) for 1 year before you can apply. I am praying this will go through for me before the end of the year...


melvian - September 6

IF you hire an attorney they take the money out of your lump sum settlement. Some will not ask for payment if you don't win.



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