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Fibromyalgia concerns
3 Replies
0612 - September 6

About a year ago I began noticing slight weakness in elbow knees and some morning pain when I stood on my feet. This has gotten progressively worse - almost to the point I can hardly walk without pain or stand on my feet. My feet have become swollen and red 2 times in the last 4 months. Arms, knees, hips, almost every body part hurts as if they have an "asleep" feeling when I try to do any type of work. I am 54 now, WF, and have recently retire from a blue collar very physical (airline ramp) job. I have recently gone through personal changes in my life (unexpected divorce after 27 years) that has been stressful. I am a survivor and never give up; I enjoy strenuous exercise and work, but this really has me worried. I did not miss a day of work sick in 26 years, and I am not a quitter. I have a complete physical next week and I have no idea how to explain this to the Doctor as I have just kept telling myself it will go away or I can work out the stiffness. I have been on HBP for about 10 years as well as synthroid. I take a diuretic with my HBP med, and also effexor to help stablilze my moodswings through the personal issues. What and how should I begin to explain this to my doctor next week, and does this sound as if it could be fibromyalgia? I need some answers please! What else does this sound like it could be? Can anyone suggest what conditions I could ask the doctor to check for other than Fibromyalgia?


tonyab1838 - September 5

It could also be Multiple Sclerosis, there is a fine line in diag. this from FMS. My suggestion to you is keep a pain journal. What I did was list the activities that I did everyday, if I experienced pain during activity or more so at the end of the day. Make sure that you list everything. Anything from an eye twitching, headaches, sinus etc... I don't do this everyday but 2 weeks before I go to the Dr. I start keeping track again and also if there is anything weird. This is the best way to keep track because trying to do it from memory your going to miss saying something and you can give a copy to your Dr. to keep in your records. I hope that this helps and at least you have a good attitude. Take care and God bless!


0612 - September 5

Do you know of anyone that has undergone extensive thyroid research and has found relief from FMS? I happened on a website a few weeks back that has an interesting theory on connection between hypo/hyperthyroid conditions and FMS. - I would love for someone to check this site out - I would be very interested in feedback on what others thought of Dr. Lowe's metabolic theory and practice.


Jean - September 6

It sounds like you're a very active person, one who does alot of physical activities and a self starter. I too am a very physical person. I worked (past tense) in a distribution center filling orders so and so forth anyway what I'm trying to get at is your muscles are probably over worked and is what Fibromyalgia is, being over-worked therby causing other problems throughout the body. I would just tell the doctor everything you are expirencing and do keep a journal for these symptoms come and go. Also see a Rheumatologist and get other possible factors ruled out. I never give up either but this condition put me out of work. I hope you get news that this can be handled simply. Tonyab1838 mentioned about MS. Well , I asked my neurologist how they determine a diagnosis between Fibro and MS, His answer to me was, "Fibromyagia damages but then it repairs. MS damages and does not repair. That is your difference.
Good Luck, hope I was of some help.



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