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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Share Root Causes
4 Replies
Pikespeak - June 5

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a awesome day! In "googling" around, I ran across this article, titled above. You can google Tellebaum, SHIN, or the title to find the article. It talks about the thyroid blood test being normal, but the patient showing improvemnent with a low dose of replacement--something to do with the hypothalmus. I am NOT a medical person, but have been taking synthroid for several years. One way to check to see if you might need synthroid is to take your temp every day. If it is less than normal (mine is usually 97.4) it means that you have a slow metabolism. BTW, all my thyroid tests read "normal." Dr. Adkins (low carb) addresses this issue in his book.


January - June 6

Good article! Thanks. For everyone, SHIN stands for: S=Sleep; H=hormones; I=infections; N=nutrition. To find the article, type in the whole name of this thread. (Hm. Nothing about depression CAUSING fibro!)


kvc33 - June 7

The SHIN approach doesn't work for me. I can't take sleep meds and I usually get ten hours anyway. My body can't tolerate messing with my hormones either, I've tried it. I don't think I have any infections but if I do how do I find out as there are all kinds of infections such as bacterial, viral and parasitic. As for nutrition I'm doing the allergen-free diet and seeing few results. Have taken lots of vitamins and and minerals in the past and that didn't help either. My opinion is that Teitelbaum doesn't know how to treat this.


Cher0208 - June 8

I've heard of SHIN. I think it is a great approach. When I am diligent about my sleeping patterns and eating habits, I tend to feel so much better. It was determined through muscle response testing that I had a sensitivity to gluten, corn and soy late last year. I stayed away from them and within a few months it was determined that I no longer showed the sensitivity to those foods. However, when I started eating gluten again I felt like crap. So as a general rule I stay away from it. I learned my body doesn't like sugar and caffeine although I do. Have been listening to podcasts called Underground Wellness and found out some interesting info on food sensitivities. Today, he said that if you eat something too much as in multiple times a day, everyday you can develop a sensitivity to it. Once you eliminate the foods that cause a reaction, in the case of fibromyalgia, you can stat feeling better in 3 weeks. I started eating eggs everyday and have had loose stools for a while. I didn't have them this morning and had my first solid bowel movement in well over a month.

I now suspect that I have a severe hormone imbalance as I show symptoms for it. I came off birth control about 4 months ago and I believe it could be the reason why I feel so depressed, my acne came back with a vengeance, water retention, extreme irritability and on and on I could go. Of course my doctors solution is to put me back on the pill. I AM SO TIRED OF WESTERN MEDICINE. So I am going to make an appointment with a Nutritionist who graduated from NYU. See if we can find a natural solution. Hey January, on her website it says they check for Porphyrins!! Google Total Wellness Center. Her name is Peta Cohen. Looking forward to my visit with her. I'll let you know about it as soon as I get a hold of $400. LoL.

As for the infections, Kvc33 is right. How the hell do we know what infections or virus' we have? And how do we get doctors to test us? There are so many of them. So until I figure that out I eat things like coconut oil, lemon and garlic which have antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasytic properties.


January - June 8

Hi Cher - are you feeling any better since you quit the glutamine?

That's amazing they test for porphyrins!! Maybe the disease is not so "rare" but just a complicated one and not many people understand it or think to test for it. When I read the list of porphyrogenic drugs, EVERY DRUG I've had a bad reaction to was listed on there as causing intermittent acute porphyria! Nobody ever checked me for this disease, just said "you can't tolerate this drug."

This post just reminds me how different we all are. Sorry things haven't worked yet for you, kvc, but just keep trying til you find something you respond to. I think a lot of different illnesses are put under the Fibro name.

I have been through so many severe viruses in my life, who knows what still lingers in my body. Usually, they were just dismissed as "flu." Once I could not get better - and after 6 weeks or more, a very good doctor thought to check me for Epstein Barr. Positive! (But usually, nobody runs a check for antibodies.) As I responded well to the gluten diet, I probably have always had "silent" celiac disease - and that wrecks your immune system. Therefore, the diet - and the supplements have helped me feel much better. I don't get sick like I used to.

As for the chronic fatigue and brain fog, I've done enough experiments on myself that I am positive that my brain works a lot better when I take a low dose of antivirals. I don't know what I have, but I know that these meds help me a lot. (When I was a teen, I had some kind of virus that stumped all the doctors. I had a very high fever, and the health dept. came and took samples of my blood to study. So who knows??)

I feel like you Cher, I have been made worse by Western medicine and drugs - which seem to sometimes (in some areas, not all) work against the body, rather than with it. I think a lot of illness is due to bad diet, pollution, no exercise, etc. Also, I believe we lost the "healing touch" with excessive technology and the time limits put in by managed health care. Healing is mind/body - Western science ignores the mind part. I remember people who were born in the later 1800s, getting very old and staying pretty healthy - maybe because they ate good food and did physical work and they all had the social support of big families in close proximity. They got together and laughed a lot. All good for your immune system. But that was also before we had chemical warfare and biological experiments and superbugs.



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