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simonne42 - July 28

I believe in trying anything and everything, this fibromyalgia is something that is kind of new, but not really, the diagnosis was two years ago, but I have been struggling with pain for about 7-9 years when I just could not take it anymore and went to doctor to doctor until I was diagnosed and then wanted a second opinion. My trouble is I have changed my diet since March, no fast food, no dairy, and just taking things at a better pace than I used to. I used to be so spunky, and the "lets go, lets go", but over the last few years it is more like, lets not go, or lets just sit for a minute to ease leg, back, neck, arm, or ankle (foot) pain. Crazy and I have been diligently reading, researching, to the point just loves me right now. What can you recommend that is the best excorsise ever for fibro. Now, I have tried aroebicks, ouch... books on fibro exercises, a couple work, but I cant lay on my back. I want to swim, but going to the gym takes so much work, truly, I am not lazy, really. I just cant figure out what else is going on or is this part of fibro too..


nikita3 - July 29

Hi simonne42,

I've found that for me, yoga is the best exercise for fibromyalgia. If I'm having a lot of body aches and pains, I do yoga and they disappear. I also find that if I don't do yoga for a while, say a week to two weeks, muscle aches and pains start appearing. I get to the point where the pains will prompt me to do yoga and then I'll be fine again. There are many different types of yoga and routines so it may take a bit of research, but if you can find a routine that is good for you, then it may make a big difference.


simonne42 - July 29

The pain comes again that quick? So it takes mighty commitment to keep up an ongoing exercise like yoga to keep pains and aches away. What about a Pilates ball, I have so much trouble on the floor, even on carpet, maybe a very cushie mat may help? I do not know if I can stay consistent, but I know I can try this a couple days out of the week, do you think that would help iliminate some of these pains? Thank you for corresponding with me.


simonne42 - July 29

What is osteoarthritis?


January - August 3

Hi simonne42 -- glad you are trying! A fibro diagnosis (and the symptoms) can be very frustrating, and it's hard to keep trying when you don't seem to get anywhere. You have to figure out what YOUR problem is - and that means you have to do your own research. So hang in there!

Only my opinion, but I think you must listen to your body - if you need to rest, then rest. If exercise makes you feel worse, don't do it - simple walking is OK, but not too much! Don't push yourself. You might have an issue with your mitochondria (the energy-producers at the cellular level) - that is a good subject to research. There are supplements you can take that will help to support your mitochondria. Acupuncture really helps with pain. So does deep massage.

For me, the eye opener was Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book. (I believe he has a newer edition out now.) That book gave me a good place to start regarding what to research and how to help myself. I kept a diary of what I ate, what I did, how I slept, etc. - that helped me figure out what I was sensitive to. Learn all you can about nutrition and toxic environments -- I believe, for many people with fibro, these are important issues. Research how to support your immune system.

The fatigue you are talking about is a huge problem for most people with fibro. No, you're not lazy - you're sick. Whether you ever get back to your previous energy level will depend on what's wrong. You might ask your doctor to test for viruses and bacterial infections. There are many medical problems that cause fatigue. Hopefully you got a good physical workup - if not, ask for one. You can get a food allergy test now that checks for delayed food allergies. You can get a gluten sensitivity test. Ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D3 and B12 levels. Get a copy of your lab reports and go over them yourself - sometimes you have problems that are "flagged" but the doctor never looks at the reports, they just get filed. The only way to know for sure if you had a problem on your labs is to check them yourself. If your doctor is not responsive, find another one. There is a wealth of information online now. You can educate yourself by searching on google or Youtube - you don't have to buy books from Amazon. Good luck on your journey - you can get better!


January - August 3

For info on osteoarthritis, google "osteoarthritis" and pick the article by the Arthritis Foundation.


Darkhunter01 - February 28

I found a session of cognitive behavioural therapy helps, also water aerobics. The water cushions the body and joints. Once or twice a week is ample.


teresafr - March 1

I think those are all good things that you are doing. You are ridding your body of poisons that will get in the way of your good health And, I think the important thing is to exercise - at least a little each day - no matter what it is. Turn on the music and dance! Dancing helps brain and body. I am an individual who was diagnosed with FM. Like you, I had been gathering symptoms for a while. I heard through my hairdresser that FM-like symptoms could be caused by mercury poisoning. I learned that the silver fillings in my mouth were made up of 50% toxic mercury. I got my silver fillings out and went through a natural detoxification regimen. Within 3 years I had my health back and I have been healthy ever since (10) years. I still have some mild symptoms but they are not debilitating. It can happen. I am living proof. To help others, I created a blog that provides information on mercury and illnesses such as FM. No, I am not selling anything - just trying to give back. Check it out:



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