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entrance_to_reality - April 6

Dear Fibromyalgia sufferer,

Before I let you know how to cure your illness, I want to warn you that what you’re about to read sounds more unbelievable than everything else you’ve heard in your life. Try to keep an open mind and forget everything you’ve learnt about healthcare. If you decide to follow my advice, then you’ll find out the reality is stranger than fiction.
Just like the huge majority of all other illnesses, Fibromyalgia is also caused by chronic mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, vaccines, and many other medical products. What amalgam dentistry and mainstream medicine are doing is a crime against humanity of unbelievable magnitude. They’re systematically poisoning the entire human population with one of the most toxic substances on the planet. And it’s exactly the magnitude of this crime which makes people blind to the truth. Nobody can believe that something on such scale can really be happening. Everybody thinks the world would already know about this if it was true. However, the reality remains the same no matter what people believe. You my friend are just another victim of your healthcare system, and that’s a fact whether you believe it or not.

I always hear the argument that if amalgam fillings and vaccines really were toxic, then everybody would be sick. But that’s not the case and here is why. The half life of mercury in human blood varies a lot from person to person. Some people excrete it very fast, some very slow, and the rest are somewhere in between (This is determined by your genes). In those people who don’t excrete it fast enough, mercury slowly leaks from the blood inside the tissue cells where it gets stuck. And when enough of it eventually accumulates, then those people get sick (It’s also important to know that mercury hurts you inside tissues a lot more than if it’s in blood). This is why one person can have full mouth of dental amalgam and be perfectly healthy, and another one can be sick from just one filling. I myself had three amalgam fillings and you wouldn’t believe how sick I used to be. Two examples of how some people excrete mercury faster than others are mercury mine workers and villagers of Minamata bay in Japan, who were consuming fish with very high mercury content. Not all of those people got sick even though they were exposed to the same environment. Only those were affected whose bodies were unable to clear the blood of mercury fast enough, and it therefore had time to accumulate inside the tissues.

Another mistake people make when they expect to get cured after only removing their amalgam fillings. The fact that nobody does get cured, is also used as an argument by healthcare workers when they’re convincing people that dental amalgam isn’t dangerous. But the truth is that only removing your fillings isn’t enough, not at all. It’s not the mercury which is still inside the fillings that is hurting you. It’s the one which has already leaked out and has already accumulated inside your body that is doing the damage. And that mercury stays there even after the removal of amalgam. It is true that many people do get better after only removing their fillings, but this isn’t the case for everybody (It depends on which parts mercury is accumulated in, and how hard the person’s body is holding on to it.). When I had my fillings removed, there was a slight improvement in some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms, but it made absolutely no difference in others. The proof that only removing the source of exposure isn’t enough, are again mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers. Those workers who got sick, didn’t get cured after they stopped going back to mine. In fact, doctors told them that mercury already caused permanent damage in them and they’ll never get cured. They had to file for disability and retire. And with those Minamata villagers who got sick was exactly the same. They also didn’t get cured after they stopped consuming toxic fish. Their condition was also considered permanent, which you can check here http://wikipobia.hmssurprise.
.So can you see the inconsistency?! When a person removes his dental amalgam and doesn’t get cured, then doctors use that as a proof that his condition isn’t caused by mercury from fillings. But when mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers didn’t improve, then doctors took that as a fact that mercury already caused permanent damage in them. So how can they at the same time expect people to get healthy after only removing dental amalgam?! Why is it not possible for mercury from fillings to cause permanent damage as well?! You’ll realize that amalgam dentistry and mainstream medicine always spin the truth the way it suits them. They just make a decision on something and that becomes a “scientific fact”. At first they decided that amalgam fillings don’t leak mercury, and when it became apparent they were wrong ( ), then they changed their story and started saying that mercury does in did evaporate, but only in nontoxic amounts. They came up with this ridiculous claim that proteins in saliva coat the surface of the fillings and prevent mercury from evaporating in excess amounts. But the reality is that mercury has actually affinity for proteins in saliva because it gets stuck to thiol groups. That’s why you get even sicker if you take chelators while still having amalgam in your mouth. These chelators, which also contain thiol groups, get from the blood into your saliva and mobilize huge amounts of mercury from the surface of your fillings. And another thing here is that World Health Organization determined there is no such thing as a safe level of mercury. You see, on one hand they’re saying that even the smallest amounts are harmful, and on the other they claim that amounts which leak out of the fillings aren’t dangerous. This is just another paradox. And do you know that once amalgam fillings are removed from a person’s mouth, they suddenly become toxic waste and must be handled properly. It’s illegal for dentists to dispose them in waste basket, the environmental protection law says so. But dentists and doctors don’t see these inconsistencies because they don’t even think about them. They just blindly follow their books and keep on quoting the same lines over and over and over again.

Now I want to explain why lab tests always come back negative in mercury toxic people. That’s because those tests can only measure mercury inside urine and blood, but not inside tissues. They’re only useful when a person is exposed to a lot of mercury in a relatively short time. Imagine if there’s a mercury spill in a building. Those people who are present at the site of a spill inhale huge amounts of mercury in a short time. The inhaled mercury gets fast in their blood and urine, but not inside tissue cells because the cell membranes are keeping most of it out. So in those people lab tests do come back positive because mercury is still present in their blood and urine. Here we’re talking about acute poisoning, where a person has a lot of mercury in blood and urine but almost none inside the tissues. Like I said, that’s because cell membranes are keeping it out. However, they’re not 100% successful in doing this. Some mercury does cross the membranes and accumulates inside the cells. But in order for cells to fill up to such extent that a person gets sick, one would have to be exposed to mercury for a long time. And that’s exactly what’s happening in case of dental amalgam. Here is the patient exposed to relatively small amounts but for a very long time, which makes it possible for mercury to leak inside the tissue cells and fill them up. And this is what’s called chronic mercury poisoning, where the patient has a lot of mercury inside tissues but almost none in his blood and urine. That’s why lab tests never come back positive and patients never get diagnosed correctly. Doctors are only familiar with acute poisoning, but acute and chronic mercury poisoning are two completely opposite stories. Why do you think it took such a long time before they realized it was mercury that was making Minamata villagers sick?!

Mercury can hurt you in many different ways, and one of them is by catalyzing oxidation. In people with Fibromyalgia, it accumulates inside the muscles and connective tissues where it creates free radicals which are literally tearing those tissues on a molecular level. This in turn causes inflammation and pain. But mercury can also mess up your hormones, destroy your immune system.... It can basically cause almost every kind of symptom. Like I said, the huge majority of all illnesses are in fact caused by mercury poisoning. Or to put it more accurately, those illnesses ARE mercury poisoning. It’s hard for people to understand that mercury is the reason for so many different symptoms, but that’s exactly the case. It damages different things in different people. This apparently depends on your personal biochemistry. And it’s the same with other heavy metals and minerals as well. One specific element can cause many different symptoms, but it’s also vice versa. People with exactly the same symptoms might be poisoned by totally different elements.

Mainstream medicine claims that mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers got permanently damaged by mercury, but that’s not true. Those people were just chronically poisoned, which means that mercury was still inside their bodies doing damage. It’s exactly the same story with you, and if you want to get cured, then you’ll have to get mercury out. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. There are many different mercury detox treatments out there, but none of them actually work. Those treatments use many different kinds of supplements, medications, chelators, gadgets, diets….but they’re all ineffective and many of them are actually very dangerous. They can even kill you or leave you confined to wheelchair. If you search the internet, you will find people who claim those detox treatments are helping them, but that’s actually not true. The reason why those people are getting better is because they had their fillings removed. Like I said, many do get better after only removing dental amalgam. Because when they do that, the concentration of mercury in their body starts to drop and it keeps on dropping for a long time. That’s why they are constantly getting better, and not because of those detox treatments which they are using. Their health would improve even if they weren’t using anything. However, only removing dental amalgam isn’t enough for anybody. Even if the person’s condition does improve, he will still never get cured completely. This is the proof that all those mercury detox treatments out there don’t work. And the reason why they don’t work is because they don’t actually remove mercury out of the body. They just mobilize it, stir it around, and then dump it again in the most sensitive tissues. That’s also why they’re so dangerous. Using therapies like that is a lot worse than using nothing at all. Even if they don’t hurt you the first time, they might still do so later. They’re like Russian roulette. For example, check what intravenous DMPS treatment can do to you . There are also other treatments out there which aren’t dangerous, but that’s only because they don’t mobilize mercury at all. The bottom line is that all so called mercury detox therapies are useless and you should stay away from them. However, there is one exception!

Six years ago American scientist Andy Cutler (Andrew Hall Cutler Ph.D, P.E.) developed a specific mercury detoxification protocol which really works. What he basically discovered is a way to cure the huge majority of all illnesses. Yes I know how unbelievable this sounds, but it’s true. Trying his detox treatment will make you see the reality is stranger than fiction. Your world of illusions will get shattered and you’ll no longer trust any government institution, especially those dealing with healthcare. You’ll realize that what current healthcare systems are really doing is a crime against humanity of such unbelievable magnitude there are no words to describe it. I know you don’t believe this and that’s completely understandable. If you were telling me what I’m telling you, I also wouldn’t believe it. I’m aware that only trying Andy Cutler’s treatment on your own body can make you see the truth. Just like me, you were probably also raised believing that doctors and dentist know what they’re doing. I’ve personally seen dozens of mainstream physicians before I decided to search for other options. But today I no longer trust any mainstream doctor, including my father who is also an MD. In fact, when it comes to healthcare, I no longer trust anybody but Andy Cutler. It’s not that he revolutionized healthcare, but he actually invented it. That’s because his treatments really deal with the core of the problem and aren’t just trying to mask the symptoms, which is exactly what all other mainstream and alternative treatments do. Those treatments can only make you feel better, but they can’t really make you healthier. They can’t remove the source of the problem, which keeps on destroying the body whether you suppress symptoms or not. If the world becomes familiar with his work, then Andy Cutler will be considered the greatest genius in the entire human history.
The reason why his chelation treatment works is because it doesn’t just mobilize mercury, stirs it around, and dumps it again in the most sensitive tissues, but it really removes it out of the body. You see, every chelating agent (=medication or supplement which can mobilize mercury and/or other elements) has a specific half life, which means it will only stay in the body for a certain time. Once the levels drop, the mobilized mercury resettles. And what Cutler’s protocol does, is that it keeps constant level of chelating agents present in the body for a very long time, which makes it possible for these chelators to actually escort mercury out of the body and not just stir it around like other treatments do. His protocol achieves this by very frequent administration of chelators. If you want to get cured, then you’ll have to use Andy Cutler’s detox therapy. There is no other way.
The first thing you have to do is check the following websites where you’ll find the description of his chelation protocol. You don’t have to pay for the access, it’s all free. ,
, ,
, , .Join also these 3 forums where you’ll find people who are using Andy Cutler’s treatment. Talk to them and they’ll confirm that his therapy really works.
, .Then you’ll have to get a hair test, interpret it correctly, and see whether you really are poisoned by mercury. But even if it turns out that your Fibromyalgia is caused by some other element or combination of several, you’ll still be able to get cured, since Andy Cutler also discovered how to cure toxicities caused by many other heavy metals and minerals. There are also some whose Fibromyalgia resulted from a stroke, head injury (usually without bleeding or fracture), non-metal toxin, bone infection, cavitation, and other things. Even if you’re one of those people you’ll still be able to get cured or at least control your symptoms. However, it’s more likely that you’re mercury toxic. In this case you’ll have to get your amalgam fillings removed. You’ll have to find a mercury-free dentist who is familiar with the right removal protocol. This protocol is necessary to protect you from the amalgam dust, which is created as a result of drilling. But the problem is that mercury-free dentists are very expensive. I assume that’s because they’re aware of how dangerous amalgam is and don’t want to work with it. However, don’t even think about having your fillings removed by a regular dentist. The consequences could be disastrous. You could get incredibly sick and permanently damaged. If I couldn’t afford a mercury-free dentist, then I’d have my fillings pulled out together with my teeth. I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. But this is your decision to make. You decide whether it’s easier to live without those teeth or with Fibromyalgia. I might have good news, but only for residents of Sweden and Canada. I read that in these two countries dental amalgam got completely banned, so you might be able to have your fillings removed for free. Medical insurance should cover it. But do make sure dentists really are using the right protocol. Once you get all the amalgam out of your mouth, then you’ll be able to start chelating. However, it might take you several years before you get completely cured. This depends on how toxic you are and how hard is your body holding on to mercury. Progress will be slow and you have to keep this in mind. Don’t give up right away. I can guarantee you that if you’ll stick with Andy Cutler’s protocol you will get cured. But be careful to use it exactly the way it’s described, otherwise you’ll get even worse. For example, some people don’t get all the amalgam removed from their mouth, especially under crowns, or they don’t bother waking up at night to take chelators. These mistakes are not acceptable. You’ll also have to make sure you really are mercury toxic in order to use the right therapy. Some people make mistake and chelate mercury when they’re in fact poisoned by something else. Be careful about these things. Not every person with Fibromyalgia is mercury toxic.

You can also try a simple test, and maybe this will convince you that you are poisoned by mercury. But be aware this test is only useful for those who really do have widespread fibromyalgic pain, and not for all mercury toxic people.
Exclude the following sulfur foods and supplements from your diet for a week. Those with high plasma cysteine will feel better, and those with low plasma cysteine will feel worse. Some of you will not notice any difference, but that doesn’t prove you’re not mercury toxic. However, it really might mean that your condition is caused by some other element/s or things I listed above.

(In no specific order)
dairy products
bakery products containing whey, cysteine, eggs or “enzymes”
beans (all types) and bean sprouts
soy (soy milk, tofu…)
bok choy

fruit preserved with SO2
bananas, avocados, honeydew melons (These aren’t sulfury but some people do have problems with them.)
meat, poultry, fish

You should also exclude all these supplements and medications. Some of them should never be used anyway, and others can only be used according to Andy Cutler. Therefore you should stay away from all of them until you read both books and learn how to use them.

(In no specific order)
ALA – alpha lipoic acid also known as just lipoic acid
DMSA – dimercaptosuccinic acid
DMPS – dimercaptopropane sulfonate sodium
R-ALA – R alpha lipoic acid
EDTA – ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid
chlorella and other algae
BAL – dimercaprol
NAC – N-acetylcysteine
MSM – methylsulfonylmethane
whey protein
of the mentioned vegetables (garlic, broccoli...)
dairy source acidophilus

I’m also sending you this list of websites about mercury poisoning. Maybe they’ll convince you that amalgam fillings and vaccines really are toxic. But don’t believe everything you read here. Remember, Andy Cutler is the only expert on mercury poisoning in the world. Only his treatment can cure you. Good luck!

Sites about dental amalgam (watch the videos)
These have no video clips






Sites about vaccines (these all include videos, I think) http://www.universityofheal



Check the “Ban Mercury In Teeth Everywhere (BITE)” Petition. Over 7000 people from all over the world have signed it. http://www.petitiononline

P.S. (for administrators and moderators): Please forward this letter to all the members so everybody can get cured. Thank you!


Jean - December 7

This was alot to take in but having read many of the sites it is most important to bring these things up to your physician about the Mercury or other heavy metals that we have ingested in one way or another. Keeping the open mind to the environment is something we all must do. Although I have not read all of the sites listed it has been confirmed through the CDC that these affects do and have occured. I just wonder how many doctors will really discuss this material with their patients for their well-being? I know I will bring this up to my physicians and see what reaction I may get. So I say keep an open mind but there are many factors to Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and all the other chonic illnesses that mimic these conditions. I have said previously that is is more to this Fibromyalgia than meets the eye and I think as a group in any of the Fibromyalgia sites we should bring this up to our doctors and see what responses we get and what kind of other testing they may want or desire to do maybe out of curiosity or knowing that this is a real problem and is on its coming out of the closet sort of speak. It makes for very interesting conversation.Thankyou for the info.


Jean - December 8

After reading a little bit more on the mercury involvement with these chronic conditions it is also necessary to know that this is not the cause at all times. Yes, we must keep an open mind on all that could be involved until we can at least find a common denominator for this chronic illness of FMS/CMP/MPS. This is a very difficult and unbiased disease that needs careful consideration through the medical community with proof and determination to find the extent of the bodies immunology to these conditions. But , again we must take all possible ways in which one comes down with this illness.


Andrea - December 20

there is no cure this is a complete scam,


Lois - December 20

I must say that I agree with Andrea.
I for one get tired of people claiming to have a cure for FMS and other related diseases. Yes I have read many of the listed sights.

If I were the moderator of the Forum I would find a way to delete this whole message. This is more of a sales pitch than any helpful information


Bill - December 28

Just trying a test to see if a person can make paragraphs in this forum. I'd like to read this extremely long post, but it is difficult.

Start of second paragraph

Start of third


Bill - December 28

So apparently it can't be done. Too bad.


COCO - December 29

there is no cure for fibromyalgia... dont be fooled by quack remedies.......... coco


Al - December 30

I agree with Andrea and personally don’t think there is a cure for fibromyalgia. My doctor introduced me to an elderly woman she lived with this for 17 years. She stated it just started one day and that was it and as strangely as it came it also disappeared. She runs the support group in town for fibromyalgia and she has not had a symptom in over 4 years now. She also stated her pain was not as painful as others; however it did get worse before she noticed any improvements. The best anyone can do is read about it and educate themself on it and try to manage the symptoms. I think Jean is probably the most knowable person I have seen on fibromyalgia. She has some great advise on FMS/MPS. My doctor has also given me pamphlets and I have read in it that there have been documented cases of people getting better over time. However one thing was noted every individual is different and experience the pain at different levels and women seem to have more pain then men and that you may be lucky to have it disappear or you live with it for the rest of your life. So this individual that has posted this article to me is just a sales person trying to take peoples money.


entrance_to_reality - December 31

Can anyone of you who claim that this is a sales pitch explain what am I selling here! And how can you claim this therapy doesn't work when you haven't tried it yourself!


coco - December 31

because if it were true dont you think doctors who believe in fibro would know about this?????


entrance_to_reality - December 31

No they wouldn't! That's because they automatically reject everything that isn't written in their books, even though they have no experience with it. Don't take for granted what they tell you, just like they take for granted everything they read in medical books. Why don't you listen to those doctors who DID try Andy Cutler's mercury chelation therapy.


Andrea - December 31

I don't trust things sold by non medical professionals in a an ad on a message board never have never will...all you want is my credit card number, i'm not that desperate for a cure. well maybe i am but your not scamming me.


coco - December 31

amdrea you are right....i wont be scammed and i dont thing anyone else is no matter what this person says...
so give it up huh


coco - December 31

entrance: have you tried this???? does your doctor know you tried this.
listen.... for people who take other meds....
trying something that is not fda approved is very dangerous too....
i dont believe a word of this...


entrance_to_reality - December 31



Rebecca - April 6

I believe there is truth in what you say, but I also believe too that our diet plays a huge roll with Fibromyalgia.Its unbelievable the crap we put in our bodys.The chemicals they put in food to presurve it or to make it smell good.we live in a world of greed and its killing people. Its all about the old mighty buck.I could write pages and pages of study's on sugar,breads,fast foods and the chemicals they use to make it smeel good.plan and simple our body's can't take it any more. And the majority of the people who read this sight for answers and support are closed minded.We should research all the possibilitys. so what if its afd approved, the question is what are the long term affects.they really don't know.there may or may not be a cure for fms.but i do believe that we can learn to manage it by what we eat and how we take care of ourselves.The FDA, DOCTORS



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