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Fibromyalgia Assignment Help Please
3 Replies
ConorC - February 7

Hi everyone,

I'm doing an assignment for my A-level biology and want to write a report on Fibromyalgia as my Father has been diagnosed with it. I understand that many people have other conditions diagnosed as well, but could you tell me which one of the following from each section you find improves your FM.

I wanted to do this using a voting button system but couldn't find a way to do it; sorry.

Thanks very much for your help.



Section 1 - Exercise
running / jogging
resistance / weight training

Section 2 - Vitamins / Minerals
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Folic Acid
Have you been diagnosed with a vitamin / mineral deficiency?

Section 3 - Therapies
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Techniques / Meditation


nikita3 - February 9

From s.1 I find that yoga is by far the best exercise. It takes away a lot of the muscle pains associated with fibromyalgia and builds a stronger body core, plus it is easy to do when you are feeling sleepy.
Section 2 - I've recently started taking a vitamin B complex and have noticed that I have a lot more stamina. I also take vitamins C,D, E and the occasional iron supplement.
Section 3 - I haven't undertaken any of these therapies, but I'd say meditation and counselling would be good. Meditation to get rid of stress which can cause/irritate FMS symptoms and counselling because one feels a lot better when they have got someone to talk to about their issues, particularly when others around don't really understand what they are going through.


kvc33 - February 9

A good night's sleep is the best thing for me. Other than that I can not say that anything 'improves' my fibromyalgia but there are things that help me cope with it. Chiropractic care has been the most useful. CBT can help with the emotional side of dealing with chronic illness.


January - February 14

Hi Conor - Glad you are making an effort to understand your dad"s diagnosis. I'm sure he appreciates it. We are all different, as you probably know from reading this site. For me, acupuncture helped a lot. So did massage and trigger point injections with lidocaine.

I went on a struct gluten free diet (and suspect I had malabsorption problems that went undiagnosed) - the diet helped a lot, but it took about a year for me to really notice the improvements - mainly, I lost the all-over flu-like aching that I woke up with every day. I also take lots of supplements daily - vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help energy level (Co Q10, acetyl L-carnitine, DHEA, resveratrol, and others that I have read about and carefully experimented with to see what helps). Recently I had some stressors, and did not take my supplements for over a week. Severe muscle cramps and exhaustion set in… so I'm back on my daily regimen and I know it will take a while to heal again.

Short walks and stretching help me too. I sometimes lift weights, but only light ones.



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