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fibromyalgia and work
5 Replies
fibro - May 22

can anyone tell me if someone with fibromyalgia can continue to work in a shift of 12 hours,on day, morning and night roster.


chris - April 24

i,m working 8 hr. shifts 5 days a week,, i haven,t missed a day of work in over 2 yrs. but it has been very hard. i think the older i get(i,m 48) it keeps getting harder and there are days when i think i,ll never make it ,but i keep plugging along.


FJS - April 25

I worked 12 HRS shifts as a CNA.And it just got to be too long and hard.It made me hurt worse and was not good for the patients.Plus it made my legs weaker and I swelled more.


[email protected] - April 27

i think it would be up to you to determine if you can do it or not. everybody's tolerance is different. i do what i have to do because i have to do it. if i were rich, i still don't think i'd quit because then i'd just stiffen, stay in bed longer, and be a worthless person. at least this way, i'm up, doing stuff and have a tiny social life (w/people at work). better than staying in bed all day. THAT really is not self-satisfyng.just pop that pain pill and go to work. i only work 3 days a week for 6 hrs/day. but then the other 2-3 days i work 3-5 hours. so, i work basically 7 days a week, sometimes. it just depends on you, sugar. keep a diary of how you feel and how many hours you worked that day. that may help you decide how much and how often to work. get a good pair of shoes and a FABULOUS pair of socks. THAT helped me more than anything. i spend $5 for ONE pair of socks but they are thick and cushion my feet really well. i only wear Nike because they fit my feet and arch the best. plus, my RA in my toes is getting so bad,(my toes are starting to curl under and sidewise thanks to the rheumatoid) Nike just fits better for me. good luck..........


painalottapus - May 22

thats quite the schedule. I don't think I would be able to keep up that schedule. I work in a factory that runs 8hr shifts 5dpw. We have all 3 shifts and rotate every two weeks. I think they are gonna create more fibro ppl. Anyways, my doc gave me restrictions against midnights so that i only deal with the two shift. Thats helped. Maybe u could do that. I know i miss alot of work even with that schedule. I hate missing work because of pain, especially because i have to get a docs note every day we miss. 9 times out of 10, the only thing the doc can do to help is write the note.
I am glad that i am working tho too.. cause when I can't work,, boy do u lose what muscle u got fast and start packing on the pounds. I know if i wasn't working I would be in worse shape phyically and fibro-ly. I agree that it also keeps me somewhat social, cus if i don't have to go to work, i usually stay holed up in my room like a hermit.

Does anyone else have these issues?


Nancy - May 22

For me, I am better off being active, but there is a point where it was too much and I feel worse the next day. It may vary, too, based on weather etc. And, yes, if I am not active I stifffen up more. I just keep going and try not to push it too far. I think if I did not work I would get more depressed, too. It forces me to get out and be around people.



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