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Fibromyalgia and the Cronic fluride poisoning connection
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bex pain free - September 11

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was in cronic pain for 5 years until i moved to a non fluoridated area, and it all went away !!! I feel i need to tell people about this ! my life has changed dramatically for the better!
It might change your life!!! its changed mine!


Jocelyn - September 14

Thank you for the information. I do believe what we put into our bodies can cause us pain. Certain foods and like you said about fluride in the water.


lar1930 - October 9

Is there fluride in our water? if so then what type of water should I drink?


Jocelyn - October 11

You can ask your town or city water department if your water contains fluoride or not. If it does contain fluoride you can by a Brita water filtering divice to remove it or you can buy bottled water that is flouride free.


MaliaE - October 12

I heard that fluoride can cause health problems like with the thyroid. But what about the fluoride in toothpaste? I'm thinking of getting a natural toothpaste since it's something I use on a daily basis.
I believe in everything in moderation but I would think using fluoridated toothpaste everyday is not using it moderately?
The best water to get is one that has the PH of 8.0.
Figi comes close to that.


itsme - October 30

Fibromyalgia and fluoride poisening have identical symptoms and fibromyalgia patints improve when they avoid fluoride.
The problem is fluoride is in so many things.
You have to eliminate as many sources as possible if you want results. Around 70% of the water in the USA is fluoridated.but it can also be found in some well water.but We don't just drink fluoride in water. we absorb fluoride through the skin and gums when we bath or brush our teeth.Brita or other filters just don't work with fluoride. the only effective ways to remove fluoride is to distill it or use a reverse osmosis system. Many drugs like prozac and paxil and cipro are fluoridated. Tea ,fruit juice, grapes and dry cereal etc,are high in fluoride and so is bromated bleached or selfrising flour.
Pesticides can be very high in fluoride.
In addition to avoiding fluoride it is important to avoid alluminum. fluoride and alluminum bond together to create alluminum fluoride.
Alluminum fluoride makes it possible for your body to absorb much more fluoride than it normally would. Alluminum fluoride can also cross the blood brain barrier; which is a possible cause of alztimers. Sources of alluminum include anti-perspirant, baking soda, baking powder. alluminum cans, teflon cookware, alluminum cookware,etc.
the answer is
Distill or use reverse osmosis water for cooking, drinking and bathing.
use rain water and no pesticides on your garden - fluoride is absorbed into food to. cook in stainless steel or glass cookware. Use alluminum free baking soda and baking powder. Buy plain unbleached unbromated flour. use alluminum free deoderant. Get off fluoridated drugs. Some drugs have unfluoridated alternatives avalable. magnesium helps you to absorb less fluoride so a couple of cups of epsom salt in your baht may help.
Calcium also helps you to absorb less fluoride so eating dairy may help.
I challenge you to try these things for a while .If it helps you then get the word out. if we work together we can get the fluoride out of our water supply . many countries have rejected fluoridated water already.


MaliaE - October 30

very well said itsme! A lot of what you spoke about I just learned about myself. And I've come to detect that no Eggo waffle I have found has not had aluminum in it, except Simply Eggo I think.

I'm also hearing about another ingredient in deodorant that has been linked to breast cancer starting with the letter p..photnoids are something.
I just read about a butter flavor found in popcorn as a link to alzheimers.
And how they had to take one off the market cause it was causing too many lung problems with the people in the factories.

Have you heard of nitric oxide? I have a bottle of it derived from the noni fruit.. I would love to hear your opinion on it :)


itsme - November 9

I have heard alot of good things about noni. But be carefull because there are some side effects of noni nitric oxide. Noni is high in potassium. So it shouldn't be used if you have kidney disease or liver disease or if your on meds for high blood pressure. I do think it would be worth trying.
I have fibromyalgia and Multiple chemical sensitivity. I got so tired of trying to find products that I finally started making some of my own.
Stick deoderant was my latest endever. so far so good.



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