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Fibromyalgia and MS
6 Replies
mypain - May 25

My sister was diagnosed with Cronic Progressive MS 20 years ago and I have known for 7 years that something was wrong with me, but chose to sit and wait until now, as my pain was getting to be just to much and a trip to Walmart was all I could handle...Fibromyalgia has been my diagnosis and I was 100% sure for all of these years, it has now been confirmed. I have a couple of questions...I have sensory issues like light sensitive, hearing sensitivity, and of course touch sensitivity. Does anyone else experience this? Also, is there a link to MS and Fibromyalgia?


lizbet - May 25

Hi mypain, Im so sorry to hear you are suffering so much and I totally understand as we all do on this brilliant site. I too have sensory issues withlight sensitivity, which I have had most of my adult life and also hearing and smell sensitivity. I find that I smell things all the time which no-one else can smell and I find this to be the most upsetting as I can frequently smell gas or burning and search the house only to find nothing. It is very unsettling. I also find I cannot tolerate loud noise. I dont know if there is a link to MS and FM. x


Fantod - May 25

There is definitely a link between intolerance of loud noise, and touch sensitivity and Fibromyalgia (FMS). The proper term for touch sensitivity is "allydonia." It is common with people who have FMS and most are also extremely sensitive to noise. You will find references to both of these issues under "associated conditions" on the left side of this page. I have both problems and am also occassionally sensitive to light which is called "photophobia." Take care.


mypain - May 31

That is amazing...I too can smell natural gas and things others can not. I told my husband for over a week that I smelled natural gas...come to find out our gas line had a large break in it..we were told it was amazing that our house didn't explode...I have done this a several times, my husband now takes me very serious when I say I smell something...


mypain - May 31

Thank you. I will look into those. Take Care.


axxie - May 31

I also have the sense of smell, sensory issues, light and hearing sensitivy. When I have to go shopping, because I have no one to go for me, or I just want to go out and I happen to have energy. I bring along my sunglasses that I wear in the store and plugs for my ears. I cannot go to the movies, as the sound and the sensory will make me very ill. So now if I go with my husband, I done my dark sunglasses and my ear plugs.


belle1329 - June 1

I too have light sensitivity, when outside I always need my glasses and in some stores, the lighting bothers me. Hearing, I have a problem hearing some peoples voice tones.
Smell, wow, I too smell gas and burning smell. some perfumes make me ill and certain smells.
I cant smell some smells, like skunk



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