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Fibromyalgia and MS
7 Replies
Jomelia - September 15

I was diagnosed with fibro in october 03, then in jan 04 with ms.
Can you have both?


Jean - August 30

In order to be diagnosed with MS your doctor needs to order an MRI of the Brain in which it will show lesions to imply having MS. Fibromyalgia does mimic MS symptoms very closley


Jomelia - August 30

Thanks for your reply.
I have an MRI, which showed lesions, I've also had a lumbar puncture, I know I have MS, but I also know I could have Fibro.
The fine line between the two is amazing, I just wanted to know if it's possible to have both, I suppose really it is...
Thankyou again


Jean - September 1

I"m glad I could help. I'm still trying to find out if I have both. I had an MRI 2 years ago and it was good, no lesions but my doctors are not ruling it out yet. I am scared and have been for the last 4 years when these symptoms started. I've been to so many doctors and this is very hard to accept and I've even lost my job. I seem to be doing ok with the medes I take every day and I'm not one who likes medication. I just want my life back like everyone else does. My problems started with my right eye that is why I am concerned. It aches around the orbit and has for awhile. It took two years for this to show up on a vision test. It showed that I had double vision. The muscles are not working together and I'm in a prism glasses so I can read. What made you think in the begining about having MS?


jomelia - September 1

Hi Jean, I'll be honest I didn't have a clue about MS until I had double vision, which I've had for years on and off, but it would only last for minutes, this time it lasted for four days. We were visiting my in-laws when it happened, and after seeing an eye doctor at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, she said she thought it was MS, and it's all gone on from there really.
I'm still awaiting diagnosis, as one Neuro told me it was definate, and then changed his mind, I then asked for a referral to another neuro, and he thinks I have benign, so just waiting on more tests zzzzzzzz


Jean - September 1

Hi Jomelia. Thanks for your reply.My double vision is staying. I guess it's still a waiting game. Here's another tidbit. I fell walking my dog and I slammed front first on to the pavement. I seperated my shoulder. I was in some pain of course but my blood pressure registered normal. In 3 days as I was talking on the phone my left toes went numb and then I got cotton mouth, like an allergic reaction, and my right arm started jerking, unable to write, since this happened 3 times before I checked my BP and it was spiking, not life threatening. I was disoriented and walking like a drunk with tingling and all kind of unusual sensations going through my body. The ER doctor took tests and everything was normal and diagnosied me as having a panic attack. I did not have fear of dying just a need to know what was going on Respirations were normal it isn't panic attack symptoms. So I'm wondering if MS could be a possibility. I think that is why my doctors won't rule it out yet. I'm debating about going for another test, have you tried the blood test for Aidolase? Sometimes it will show up damage from MS. I think I'll do that one first unless things change with me. I went to get a message to rid the muscles of toxins and I'm still flaring from that. It really hurts to get a message, something of enjoyment is no more.I won't see my doctors until Dec. unless anything else happens. I just feel most of the time that my body is being attacked from thee inside and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Good Luck!


Ali - September 14

Hi Jean & Jomelia. Sympathise & empathise with you both. I'm the one who posted the question about papilledema. I suspect MS or fibromyalgia (why not both???) The waiting for answers is the worst thing. Can't seem to get on with life without them. Really frustrating! Probably be 6 month before I get to see a neurologist, let alone get the MRI or lumbar puncture. Having to rethink career plans when nurse training about to start in case it's MS so looking into Lab work career. So stressed that the headaches start as soon as I wake til I go to bed & painkillers hardly ever aleviate symptoms. Lets hope for answers soon!!!


Jean - September 15

I have a question? Does anyone have vibration sensations from the bottom of your feet or other parts of the body?



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