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Fibromyalgia and Hysterectomy
4 Replies
mgw - July 7

I am scheduled for a hysterectomy this coming Tuesday. I'm not worried about abdominal surgery, I had 3 c-sections, I know what the recovery is like. What worries me is that when I had my babies I was young and healty, now I'm 42, and have Fibromyalgia. Has anyone else had a hysterectomy with FMS,and what kind of recovery did you have, and what did you do for the extra pain of FMS? Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks


Connie - July 7 has a list just for this kind of situation. It was very useful. I took it to the surgeon prior to surgery and held it in my hand pre-op for the anesthesiologist as he reviewed the medications to be used during surgery.Both the surgeon and anesthesiologist were in agreement with the suggestions. I only wish I had known about these options for the first six surgeries. It made a world of difference in my recovery. I did have one problem with a night nurse who thought all patients should be off IV pain medication and using shots or pills. The head nurse and surgeons were furious with her. The doctors orders clearly said I was to remain on IV medication. When I did have the IV pain medication prior to surgery and post op, things were calmer and I didn't get the severe pain of past surgeries while waiting for the next shot. I also made a point of seeing the doctors write the list down. I guess they knew that I meant business when I was wheeled into surgery holding it, highlighted points and all. You have to be proactive, and a good doctor wants patients who are willing to help themselves by understanding and working with medical staff. Take care and best of health through your recovery.


Bobette - July 11

I have had fibro for 8 years I found out after my hysterectomy. I had a vaginal hyst i donot recommend this type do to the hyst i know have vulvadynia and this is very painful. Make them explain the the comlications and risk. Pelvic nerve damage, vulvadynia this chronic paina and burning itching in your vulva no cure, lack of sexual drive. Make sure you investigate this if you planning a vaginal hysterectomy


sindee - July 17

I have had FMS for about 5 years and I had a hysterectomy last July due to severe endo. I was only 32 and I recoveredfairly quickly but I have a very high pain tolerence thanks to the fibro and the endo so I left the hospital in about 16 hrs after surgery nurse even commented that she had never had a patient not ask for pain medicine every 4 hrs I only took one shot after I got to my room but like I said I had been in severe pain due to the endo so I was use to the pain. Anyway I have had numerous surgery and have been fortunate to not have any bad FMS flare ups due to them.


blondebond - September 26

I was diagnosed with FM 15 years ago. I had a vaginal hyst in 2005. The only problem that I had was that I was (obviously) out from the anesthesia for a 2 hour surgery and didn't come out of it for hours after that .

When I finally did, the nurses were telling me that I had to get up and walk. I couldn't make them understand the I COULD NOT MOVE. I was so stiff in my hips by that time that I couldn't even lift my legs. The nurses would not listen to me. No one tried to help me at all. Just kept popping their heads in to see if I was up and around yet. I lay like that all day and evening until the night nurse came on. She listened to me. Promptly called two other nurses to help me get out of bed and found an air mattress for me. Once they helped me move I was fine. I never lay in one place or position for more than an hour or or two because it causes so much pain. Mind you I told them in the pre operative process that I had FM and the problems it might cause but I may as well have been talking to the wall.

Please do everything you can to make them understand the problems that your FM might present.



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