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fibromyalgia and foggy feeling in head with faintness
4 Replies
ralph - November 30

i was diagnosed with fms. does anyone suffer from feeling like you are in a dream or disconnected from reality. this has been for almost a month now. i also feel full in the ears and then i feel like i might faint although this has never happened. it is scary. when i went back to the neurologist he said it was panic attacks and possible migraines without the pain. never had this feeling until i was put on neurontin. went off it after being on it for 3 weeks and the feeling still persists. can anyone offer help or insight. i would greatly appreciate it.


JLS - November 29

I too have this feeling, it is annoying. I am currently taking Ambien and wondered if it was a side effect. I don't take Ambien every night, so wasn't sure.


Jean - November 30

Hi Ralph: This to me sounds like what Myofascial Pain Syndrome would do and can come along with Fybromyalgia. Neurontin is an anticonvulsive medication. Some people do not do well with this type of medication. There is a medication called klonopin that works for me pretty well and I have both the fibro and myofascial Pain Syndromes. Usually you are put on an antidepressant and then muscle relaxers and then sleeep aid. Ambien is good to start with but you don't want to stay on these for a long time. they can do you more harm than good. You need to find the root of your problem. Do you have restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, sleep problems etc. You just might need another type of medication and sometimes it takes time to find the right combination. I would suggest a psychiatrist, I see one only because they specialize in these medications and monitor them for you making sure you are on the right one.


Jean - November 30

To JLS: Ambien is a pretty good sleep aid. It only lasts in your system 6 hours as told by my doctor. I was on it for 4 years. I was unable until recently to get to the root of my sleep problems and it came to be restless leg syndrome along with the fibro and Myofascial Pain syndromes. They also have Ambien CR which is time release but try to find the root of your problem in sleeping. It may take some time but don't be to hesitant with the Ambien, only side affect is a headache and I very rarely got a headache.


barbar - December 18

Can you give us an update on how ell you're doing?



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