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Fibromyalgia and Disability
3 Replies
Lindsey - April 6

Has anyone requested Social Security Disability and actually gotten it? My FMS has been so bad, that I haven't worked for the last 2 years. I'm 22 and struggling just to make it through college, which I had to take this semester off because of a flare up. It would really help me out to receive the Disability payments because my mother, God bless her, has to pay for all of my medications, doctor's bills, and just every day living expenses. I don't really know where to start and things I've read on the actual Social Security website make it sound hopeless. I'd appreciate any help I could get.


Shirley - April 3

Hon, I am 61 and have had this condition since the mid 80's. I feel so sorry for you to know that you are only 22 and struggling. I too am seeking an answer the same question you posed. I have been a widow woman for 26 yrs. and I wonder about my future if I become unable to work.


Lindsey - April 4

Sorry to hear about the condition you're in. I bet that had to be hard dealing with FMS in the 80's, since doctors even now seem to not know too much about it. I hope that you won't have to go the route of Social Security because it seems like a pretty rough road to travel. I'm overwhelmed just thinking about starting the process.


Jean - April 6

If you start the process continue it and never stop it. There might come a point that you can get back to work and then you'll be out again just keep the paper trail going. It is a hard road but in the end it may help and yes it takes a long time . I haven,t gotten it yet but I'm trying to work again after I was thrown out of work from this miserable disease.So I'm starting over with a new job, part time and trying my best to stay on it, even with all the stress envolved. My advice is to keep the paper trail and once you start it don't stop it and make sure you have a good attorney to help you through this. You can't do it alone.



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