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Fibromyalgia and Chiropractors
3 Replies
Gracie - March 10

Can chiropractic care be beneficial to people with fibromyalgia? Can the nerves be more irritated with all the pressing and massaging?


Suffering - March 8

I have been going to a chiropractor for almost a year and a half now 2-3 times a week. The medco treatments made me worse tons of constent pain.. but then this chiropractor did not think FM was for real, nice thing to find out almost after a year. This was before I was diagnosed. Simple adjustments and ice and heat seem to help some. My muscles are so tight it just pulls everything out of wack.


Cassie - March 10

Be very aware of all chiropractors. There are good ones out there that also do stretching of the muscles because the muscles do pull things out of wack. There are also those that don't do any stretching and therefore you're always back to the same problem.


Cassie - March 10

There are also some chiropractors that are not ethical doctors at all and will use you for your money. Even my mom's chiropractor told her that they teach them the ways to play on people's minds at chiropractor school.
I just had an experience with a chiropractor. I have been looking for some kind of relief for the past 2 and a half years and finally went to a fibro discussion this chiro was giving because i thought i might have it. I booked the free consult and she did x-rays and they showed me the x-rays and told me that the spots in my back were the reasons i was in so much pain and keeping my muscles from healing because my nerve flow down my spine was being obstructed. By this time I was fried and would believe anything anyone told me to get some relief. They told me that I had to commit a year of treatments and pay ahead of time. I asked if Fibro is a curable illness and she said yes, it takes 12-18 months of treatments and suppliments for me to feel right as rain again. After 4 months of her so called treatments which included, cracking my neck, middle back and hips in a matter of less than 5 minutes a session. I told her that what she was doing was not helping me and I wanted to know why.. So it was THEN that she suggested I come in for an hour a week and have basically therapy with her because she believed since she wasn't helping me that it was psycho-somatic and the pain I had was because I really hated myself for something or I was holding in a lot of anger towards someone in my life..... blah blah... Yeah so I got pissed off at her and asked for the rest of my money back. Which she did give but I am still out 1300 dollars for vitamin advice. The vitamins have helped me but the aches have not stopped they just aren't constant.



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