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fibromyalgia and blood pressure, please help!!!! i'd appreciate it :)
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ralph - December 29

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 2 years ago. i have been playing around with different meds. toprol xl and diovan. my blood pressure does not come down into very good ranges. currently on 100mgs of toprol and 160mgs of diovan. pressure readings now are upper 130's systolic and upper 70's to low 80's for diastolic. i would think being on this much medicine at age 38, that my pressure readings would be phenomenal. my nephrologist said i may need an mra of kidneys. does anyone know if fibromyalgia can cause high blood pressure that seems hard to control. i never really get low readings. i am very confused. can someone who may have info please help me. i get so many different syptoms in various body parts that i think my doctors think i am a hypochondriac.


Jean - December 12

Fibromyalgia plays a part in your blood pressure. In fact my eyes, blood pressure, hormonal changes, neck pain, back pain and throughout my body was affected all at one time. The autonomic nervous system controls these factors even temperature and if it is misfiring everything misfires. I found Norvasc 10mg to be very helpful in controlling my blood pressure. I too was on diovan and ace inhibitors which made everything worse. Hope this helps. Hugs.


Suzanne - December 28

The doctors do not know very much..LOL !
But when I feel my worst only does my blood pressure go up, when I am more stressed, when I have panic attacks, etc. Mine is just from nerves . Could this be the case with you ? Maybe you should see a physciartrist, mine has helped me so much ! But...make sure you see one that is very familiar and also believes in fibro, as you will find that MOSTdoctors do not believe, even Rheumatalogist !! Good luck !!


Jean - December 29

Hi Ralph. You already got my answer. Hugs.



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