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Fibromyalgia and a HALF MARATHON!
5 Replies
Cher0208 - May 23

Hello all,

Hoping this Wednesday finds you all well. It's rainy here in NY so I'm a little achy. The ASPCA has a mission I truly believe in. They work to prevent cruelty to animals. I can't stand cruelty to any one that cannot stand up for themselves. I just recently signed up to run a half marathon in July in order to help raise money for them. You all must think I'm crazy. I know- sometimes even a little exercise if not done with stretching and listening to my body will cause a major flare up. I'm also doing this for myself. I may not run the whole 13 miles but I'm going to get through it. For those animals who are abused, homeless and neglected and for myself. Fibromyalgia can't win every time. I started training last week and so far so good. I take it slow and easy and do a lot of yoga in between. One day, I hope to run and raise money for Fibromyalgia and CFS research.

I have to raise a minimum of $1,500 in order to run the marathon. It's in less than two months. So far, I'm at $415. If any one would like to spport me and donate to such an extremely worthwhile cause please do! And pass this along to any one you know who is an animal lover. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will be so proud of myself if I can accomplish this.

Visit TeamASPCA dot org (as you know we can't include websites in any posts) and search for me. My name is Cheryl Dalton.

If anyone here has run a marathon before and has any advice I'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day and week!


January - May 23

Hi! Just left you a long post on thyroid issues. Wow! Running a marathon, congrats to you! Just do what you can and don't kill yourself! Especially if it's hot in July. Could not think of a better cause! You go, girl!


Cher0208 - August 7

Hey January! Thank you as always for your kind words. I did it! I ran the half marathon- 6 miles of slow jogging and the rest I walked/ran. Hurt my knee but its doing better. I was/am in the midst of a flare up. Wanted to prove something to myself. I still feel like shit lol - no big epiphany. How are you doing?? How is your summer going? How have you been feeling? Have you learned anything new in Fibro news? I started listening to pod-casts again- and I am learning about new gluten sensitivity tests and early autoimmune detection. Underground Wellness - if you are interested. If nothing else it is making me more aware of my habits and food because your diet will make or break you.

I keep thinking about when you wrote that you had a hot dog with a bun and was sick for a long time. Damn that cheese cake was good but NOT worth all of this!


January - August 7

Hi Cher! I was just going to log out, I'm tired - but looked on here for some reason - and there you are!! How the heck ARE you? Wow! I am so proud of you, but you must be really proud of yourself. I don't think I've ever been able to run around the block! 6 miles blows my mind. When was the marathon?

That's so funny! You remember that hot dog! I'd been gluten free for 6 or 8 months and was feeling a lot better. I thought oh heck, I can have just one stupid hot dog w/bun. And I was in PAIN for a month or two! I cheated a few times over a couple of years - just to prove to myself that, nope, I can't do the gluten. More recently, I ate a bag of "gluten free" oatmeal cookies - of course the allergy was delayed, so I ate about 10 cookies over the space of a few days. They were GOOD! And then I felt like crap for months! I recently learned that 15% of celiacs are allergic to avenin, the protein in oats. So while steel-cut, uncontaminated oats really don't have the protein gliadin (gluten), they can still cause a problem if you are gluten-sensitive. This was an ongoing debate a few years ago - do oats have gluten? Now the answer seems to be NO, but they can still make you sick. Which I have proven to myself a few times over now!

A crazy year with some personal issues - and a lot of fatigue, probably from stress. Overall though, the muscle and connective tissue aches are totally cured by the diet. Migraines are a very rare occurrence now. And a few other beginning health issues resolved also. It's not for everyone, but it sure helped me.

Miss seeing you here! If you find out anything interesting on the podcasts, let us know! And congratulations again on doing the marathon. I hope you don't feel too painful from it, and recover quickly. Animals are one of my main charity causes too.


Cher0208 - August 8

Hi January!

The marathon was July 22nd. I ran out of steam in terms of training about five weeks before the marathon. I was just so fatigued everyday and I kept wondering what I got myself into. I was very sore- limping even- for about a week after. I won't do anything like that again unless I am SURE I will train for it. I was just trying to prove Fibromyalgia wrong. But I had a flare up before, during and after the marathon. When I signed up to do it I wasn't having a flare up of course.

Anyway, I have been getting very lazy with my food and I think it just built up. Drinking soda, eating out a lot, of course eating that dammned cheese cake, pop corn at the movies, french fries, red meat, chocolate etc. Oh and lots of wine. Pretty much an inflammation concoction. I know better so I have to just ride this out and start eating right again. I had my first migraine last week. Wow, that will make you grateful for a lot of things. I had no idea how debilitating a migraine could be or how long it could last. Made me think that I should stop complaining about Fibromyalgia if people walk around dealing with migraines.

I don't have celiac- they test me ALL the time. But my naturopath tells me I am sensitive to gluten which I believe given how I feel when I eat something that has it or that I suspect may have it. I'm going to forgo the oats as well just to be safe. I just feel like major crap.

You had asked about the Magnesium. I take Magnesium Glycinate 200 to 400mg a day. If I take it right before bed I feel absolutely drugged in the morning. I'm down to just taking one a day and in the morning. The glutamine will also make me feel drugged. I love getting good sleep but those things are not supposed to make you feel that way. I don't know.

I'll let you know what I learn from these podcasts as soon as I can!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


January - August 11

Oh, that's a new experience, your first migraine! Did you get the vomiting? That's when you know you've really got a headache - and can't keep down any meds either! I used to give myself injections of Imitrex, but it made me feel weird, and I later learned it can be bad for your heart. Like they say about fibro, you can't possible understand migraine pain unless you have it! I had my first one at 21, and seriously thought I was dying! I had them for decades, aggravated by hormones, barometric pressure, wine and who knows what, probably food allergies. Now I almost never get them, and if I do it's pretty mild.

They tested me for celiac too and it was negative. But I'd been gluten free for a year or more. They said, for the test to be valid, I would have to be eating gluten every day for three months. I said FORGET IT! However, based on my history and the extreme improvements in my blood tests before and after the diet, a specialist diagnosed me with celiac disease. I've read that the blood test is somewhat unreliable. And so is the so-called "gold standard" endoscopic biopsy - not always the correct result. I know I feel pretty rotten if i eat it.

Best way to figure out what works for you might be to keep a careful food and supplement diary. Finding a doctor who knows about delayed food allergies is hard. I don't think the medical establishment knows much about it, and of course now we have the newer problem of GMO foods -- who knows what problems they are causing.

Hope your muscles are feeling better by now!



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