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Fibromyalgia & Weight Gain
11 Replies
Lioness - March 14

Has anyone experienced noticible weight gain in direct corelation to the onset of symptoms of fibromyalgia?


larry - March 15

Lioness, Nearly 100% of people with Fibro have hypothyroidism, despite what their bood test show. Try reading Mary Shomon's book :Living well with hypothyroidism, what your doctor doesn't tell you that you need to know".


Lioness - March 15

Hi, Larry. Thank you for your response to my question. I am very new to all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and am not quite sure what hypothyroidism is, but given the context of your answer, I am assuming it has to do with weight gain. I will look into the book you recommended.


BrandyO - March 15

Yes, my weight yo yo's depending on how I'm feeling. I've been up and down on the scale so many times over the last 40 years. (I've had symptoms of fibro since I was 12) I go into remission now and again.... when the worse of my fibro symptoms subside. When that happens I am able to lose weight. I belong to Curves and I try to go 4 times a week but my workouts vary according to how I feel. On my good days I work up a sweat but on my bad days... well, I do the best I can. I look at it this way, at least I'm moving. Brandy :)


Lioness - March 15

Hi, Brandy. Thanks for your input. You mentioned you lose weight when your symptoms subside...does the weight loss occur without trying (changing diet, more exercise, etc.), or do you have to work at it? Also, do you find that the workouts you do at Curves help to maintain your current weight?

From age 18 through age 33, I was a constant 125 pounds (give or take a few). During the last 7 years, I have put on an extra 20 pounds in my mid section that I can not seem to get rid of. As I think back, it seems that my weight gain began when various other symptoms of fibro began.

I was just curious as to whether this is a common symptom with fibro sufferers.


almsha - March 15

I too have noticed a weight gain since experiencing FMS symptoms. I chalked it up to having my hysterectomy the year before, but have concluded that is not the case. I know my activity level is not what it used to be since I was so very active prior and now it is all I can do to work my 40 hours a week. Interesting to see the responses here. My thyroid also checks out ok.


BrandyO - March 15

Hi Lioness, When I'm in a remission, my pain levels are lower, my fatigue is less severe, and my depression subsides, so my outlook brightens, I eat healthier and I move around a lot more. That's why I'm able to lose weight. But on the other hand, when I'm in the grips of this ugly monster called Fibromyalgia, I struggle daily just to get through the day. My pain and fatigue get so bad that eventually the depression sets in. To keep my head above water I start taking antidepressants and the weight starts to come on again. For the past two years, especially over this winter, my symptoms have been at their worst again. Unfortunately the weight has returned even tho I work out at Curves. I don't know why I seem to go into remission at times. My last remission was over 5 years ago. I'm not completely pain free when I'm in what I call my remission but my symptoms are so much more tolerable and I have many more good days compared to the bad ones. Now I have so many more bad days and even the good ones aren't so great. I keep telling myself "this too shall pass" and I pray for another remission. I do believe that we need to keep moving no matter how hard it is to do so. What else can we do? I am not about to lay down and die!


JJ1 - March 16

Yep, I had a rapid and significant weight gain at the onset of my symptoms. I have not been able to take it off. Later (about a year or so after onset) I started taking Elavil which has weight gain as a side effect but thank goodness I did not gain anymore. Total is about 15 pounds (fairly significant gain for me).


BAGEY - March 21



Jean Taylor - March 23

My weight gain seems to be in direct conjunction with my inabilty to move. I do - sit - move - sit - move, etc. as much of the literature recommends -but if I move even the teeniest bit too much - I loose the entire next day to excruciating bed or couch-ridden pain. It's very frustrating. I just quit looking in the mirror - below my face ;)! - don't weigh myself AND I HAVE to wear baggy clothes and a sports bra because regular clothes HURT!!! Don't get out much!!! I think also some of the meds can bring on weight gain - depending. I take care of my rather feeble Mother and sit here and watch her eat twice as much as me with severe IBS related to Fibro. I miss food!!!! Use to be a gourmet chef :(((


Adaire - March 26

Its true, we do seem to gain weight with this. It definately has to do with less movement but I also think that some of the meds we are prescribed are to blame too.


teresat - March 26

I guess I am the oddball out here, but I have lost weight!! I have lost a significant amount LATELY!! I also am HYPERTHYROID!! I just had my thyroid dose reduced a week ago!



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